Kirsten Snorts About Racism


Bill O’Reilly began his show last night with his talking points memo in which he asked if the American Compact was falling apart. He ended by slamming Democrat Kirsten Powers for making derisive sounds while Monica Crowley was speaking.

O'Reilly and Powers

In his memo, he pointed out that some who hate this country are “trying to tear down the social fabric. They are doing so by dividing Americans along social and economic lines.” He played an exchange with a woman being interviewed on CNN International in which she spewed a very angry message about alleged institutionalized bigotry in America.

There was institutionalized bigotry in this country and it ended with The Civil Rights Act of 1965, many believe. What is left is bigotry that can’t be legislated and it is in some men’s souls.

The same movement that rejects morality is the same movement that wants all bigotry erased through legal means.

The government cannot erase bigotry, it must come from an understanding of personal moral responsibility which is currently being subjugated to the idea that government can solve every problem.

O’Reilly put the stats up which show that in a country of over 300 million, we have been successful in handling institutionalized bigotry.

crime in America

He pointed out that for the American contract to work, “we must obey the law, we must work for our daily bread and pay enough attention to elect honest leadership.”

How many are fulfilling our part of the bargain he asked, “With more than a million violent crimes each year, there’s a problem. Now nearly half the country is willing to vote for a socialist for president, another problem is brewing.”

An alarming 47% would vote for a socialist according to the latest Gallup poll.

“America is changing and those that dislike the country are taking advantage,” O’Reilly continued.

His guests immediately after the talking points were Kirsten Powers and Monica Crowley. While Monica was speaking, you could hear Kirsten’s snorts of derision as O’Reilly put it  [Kirsten snorts derisively at 00:12, 00:35 and 00:59]. He called her out for it and she became more adamant in her insistence that she merely gasped and suggested most Americans are racist, which she then walked back.

In one exchange she said that we have a legacy of bigotry. She was snide when O’Reilly listed programs that have been implemented for the express purpose of compensating for our past. She didn’t understand how that helps account for slavery though that’s not what he was saying.

There is no accounting for what was done, but there’s opportunity.

O’Reilly believes it’s the lunatic fringe that is racist and most Americans are not. She made it clear she doesn’t believe that. She asked him how many black friends he has.

O’Reilly was trying to say that we have less bigotry than other countries which Powers rejected outright.

People on the left will love what Kirsten said and people on the right won’t.

The American Compact is falling apart with 47% of the country willing to vote for a totalitarian government, something we never would have done only a decade ago.

Ever-growing numbers of people don’t want to fulfill their end of the bargain. They want freebies from the hated upper classes they envy.

Anyone in the world can now come to the United States, claim almost any kind of injustice, never go to court (84% don’t), get freebies and vote for more of the same at some point.

We live in a changing America, much of it is change forced upon us, and the angry America haters are widening the divide by making false claims of institutionalized racism, by ushering in millions from communist and fascist countries who come here for the wrong reasons, and by shutting down opposition with attacks on our free speech.



  1. So based upon her logic, every persons level of racism is based upon the number of friends that they have that are of different races?
    Typical idiotic leftist logic.

  2. I’ve quit watching TV. What I understand is that Kirsten Powers is a moderate, and the latest “darling” of Fox “whatever”. If the description is accurate, then it confirms what I’ve concluded, America is no more. The stages of generational education has obliterated the moral fiber and understanding of liberty.

    Everything has become political. This is just the latest installment of it.

    • They think everyone is a moderate. She’s a moderate because she’s against late term abortion and she likes the First Amendment. She’s far-left on everything else but so is most of the Democrat party.

  3. I find this woman unable to understand why big Goverment will never work in a fee country. She is blind to facts is becoming Arrgant with more time as left takes over EVERYWERE. All Left are becoming very arrgant We The People are just a means to more worthless money and to suppurate with what they think is good for us because we after all are just stupid.

    • She gets worse all the time it seems. I didn’t buy her book – I can’t take her seriously. What about that question, How many black friends do you have? Is that how we judge racism now?

  4. One of the chief causes for the decay of Western democratic societies surely lies in the deadly compatibility between the Freedom Illusion, social welfare policies, and the growth of the State. In its unending search to invade the privacy of the family and convert familial interdependence to dependency on the State itself, its programs, and therapists, (may I also add MSM useful idiots), the State becomes a prime vendor of the Freedom Illusion. Regrettably for the history of democracy, it is politically expedient to undermine and degrade the concept of moral freedom and responsibility.

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