O’Reilly Tells Matt Lauer His Firing Was a ‘Hit Job’ ‘Manufactured by Media Matters’


Matt Lauer interviewed Bill O’Reilly Tuesday to discuss his new book, Killing England, but most of the time was spent on battering O’Reilly about why he was fired from Fox News. The interview was somewhat contentious and Lauer wasn’t a friendly interviewer.

There is no doubt that the Murdoch boys, James and Lachlan, are men of the left and did not stand up for Bill, but the boycott by the hard-left organizations are what destroyed Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly said it was a “business decision” to let him go. O’Reilly will continue to release information about the people behind his firing in the near future.

In 42 years, Bill O’Reilly said he did not at any time have any interaction with HR nor were there complaints against him. Lauer asked him about financial settlements with women claiming he sexual harassed them. O’Reilly said he didn’t know what Fox did in terms of settlements. There were a lot of settlements against a number of employees and Fox settles to get rid of them, he said.

Lauer asked why the cases were settled instead of Fox moving forward with lawsuits if he was innocent. Bill said he didn’t have control over that and the lawsuits have too much collateral damage. Every allegation is a conviction. The press frenzy….they don’t look for the truth.

Bill said Media Matters, Color of Change and The Bonner Group organized to take down Fox News and Bill O’Reilly.

He said his conscience is clear.

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