O’Reilly Warns Americans to Take the Country Back from the “Loons”


Bill O’Reilly has a strong message for clear-thinking Americans that they should heed — take your country back. He gave many examples on his podcast Thursday, including warnings about open borders. Two of the examples were representative of the irrationality of the left and we included those here.

Actress Kristen Bell is very worried about the 80-year old cartoon Snow White and won’t let her 3-year old watch it. In that story, Snow White takes a bite from a poisoned apple and falls into a coma, and she won’t wake up until a handsome prince kisses her.

Bell says, don’t you think it’s weird that he kisses her without her permission?

Snow White, of course, is in a coma and this is the only thing that will save her. It’s a fairy tale!

Actress Kiera Knightly won’t let her children watch Little Mermaid or Cinderella because you don’t give your voice up for a man, she says.

Cinderella waits for a prince to rescue her and Little Mermaid relies on another Prince Charming.

Bill says this country, “if not given back to clear-thinking Americans with a spine is going off a cliff” because “these people are loons”.


If anyone wants to buy into O’Reilly’s cheap podcast, it’s at billoreilly.com and you get a free bestseller.

  • O’Reilly’s show was a great platform for loons. He had so many on and did not properly debate them. He made crazy concessions to them in discussions. Carlson is a far better debater than he. O’Reilly’s show was filled with leftists and pretend conservatives.