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I received an email from Barack today warning me about the impending sequester doom. The email (see below) asks how sequester will affect me. Personally, with all these newly-released criminal illegals running around, it’s going to affect me quite a bit. I have to go out and buy a lot more ammo for my shotgun (Uncle Joe said shotguns are okay).

I get emails from Organizing for Action, formerly Organizing for Obama, several times a day. They have an Internet A-game going.

OFA is a 501 c-4’s which according to Wiki are:

…civic leagues and other corporations operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare, or local associations of employees with membership limited to a designated company or people in a particular municipality or neighborhood, and with net earnings devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes. 501(c)(4) organizations may lobby for legislation, and unlike 501(c)(3) organizations they may also participate in political campaigns and elections, as long as its primary activity is the promotion of social welfare.

The defining element here is that a 501 c-4 must be for the benefit of the social good. Obama and his organization are doing their fair share for the common good by spreading the wealth in the interest of social justice.

The president is looking out for the social welfare of 10,000 illegal people that he knows nothing about as he releases them into our vast country. For those of you who are unaware, there is enough money for 34,000 detainee beds and there were only 31,000 detainees. Releasing 10,000 people is completely unnecessary but it’s for our social welfare I’m sure. The White House and DHS are claiming they didn’t know. Hmmm….

Obviously, the administration is concerned about our social welfare because they have given us free healthcare, making sure we don’t gain weight or have surgery instead of taking a red or blue pill.

The green initiatives, which happen to match the UN’s, are all for our own good. Taxing our energy so only the rich can afford energy is wise and economical.

Free abortion and contraception are wonderful and won’t give us too many of those people we don’t want too much of.

The government stepping into our social business with gay marriage – super! I think the legalization of marijuana makes sense. It will be so much easier for the government to control stoners.

Best of all are the entitlements which are growing unimpeded, in fact, they are on steroids thanks to this administration. The more people on the dole, the more people under the complete control of the politicians we all know and trust.

Putting aside the many social welfare benefits of OFA, it seems a bit odd that the President is running one of these. 501 c-4’s. It seems like a conflict of interest since it is being used solely to spread propaganda.

OFA is also offering meetings with Obama to people who pay $500,000 a pop though Obama might be walking that one back. The trial balloon didn’t go very well. Even far-left groups don’t like it.

Shouldn’t someone be questioning the legality of this?

Friend —

There’s a good chance you and your family will be directly affected by the disastrous budget cuts scheduled to take effect on Friday.

These budget cuts — known as the sequester — take a sledgehammer to the budget and indiscriminately cut critical programs vital to middle-class families and economic growth.

Republicans in Congress could stop these dangerous cuts, but right now they’re refusing to do so. They are more interested in protecting tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires than stopping the sequester, compromising on a balanced deficit reduction plan of smart spending cuts, and closing tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires.

Let this sink in: Some members of Congress are so unwilling to compromise that we all need to prepare ourselves for job layoffs, an increased risk of foodborne illnesses, delayed flights, fewer teachers and less access to early education, and a longer wait for a cure for many diseases – plus, some economists estimate that as many as 1.4 million private sector jobs could be lost.

Get more of the details below, then share your story on how these cuts will affect you, your family, or someone you know.

— Cuts to education: Sequester cuts will hurt kids of all ages. 70,000 young children would be kicked off Head Start, 10,000 teacher jobs would be threatened, and funding for up to 7,200 special education teachers, aides, and staff could be cut.

— Cuts to small business: Small businesses create two-thirds of all new jobs in America. Instead of helping small businesses expand and hire, the sequester cuts would reduce loan guarantees to small businesses by up to $540 million.

— Cuts to public safety: Federal funding to programs that help local fire departments meet staffing and equipment needs would be cut by an estimated amount of more than $35 million. The sequester also includes cuts to the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration, meaning more delayed flights, longer wait times at the airports, and less security monitoring our nation’s flight systems.

— Cuts to food safety: Outbreaks of foodborne illness are a serious threat to families and public health. The sequester cuts could mean up to 2,100 fewer food inspections, putting families at risk and costing billions in lost food production.

— Cuts to research and innovation: The impending sequester cuts would delay progress toward cures for many diseases and several thousand researchers could lose their jobs. Up to 12,000 scientists and students would also be affected.

— Cuts to mental health: The sequester cuts could mean that up to 373,000 seriously mentally ill adults and emotionally disturbed children go untreated.

These cuts don’t have to happen. If Republicans agree to compromise, Congress can pass a balanced plan for deficit reduction by cutting spending in a smart way and closing tax loopholes for the wealthiest. If they refuse to act, they will let these severe cuts fall squarely on the middle class.

Congress needs to hear it from their constituents back home: Their lack of action will have serious consequences for everyday Americans. Each of us needs to speak up.

Tell your story on how the self-inflicted and dangerous sequester cuts will affect you — then ask your friends and family to do the same:



Stephanie Cutter
Organizing for Action


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