Original Redacted 302 of Mike Flynn Interview Is Released


Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is overseeing the Flynn case, has ordered the original redacted 302 released. Robert Mueller’s office gave the original 302 to the judge under seal after his order on December 12th.

It was thought that the original 302 was missing since the special counsel previously filed a 302 of Peter Strzok’s account of the interview six months after the fact.

The original 302 is a summary of the notes from the interview of then-National Security Adviser Mike Flynn by the two interviewing agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka.

Sullivan said: “that the January 24, 2017 FD-302, which was drafted immediately after Mr. Flynn’s FBI interview, is relevant to Mr. Flynn’s sentencing. The court also finds that the government’s proposed redactions to that document are appropriate.”

He ordered the release of the original redacted 302, prepared by FBI Agent Joe Pientka after Flynn’s Jan. 24, 2017 interview.

According to the redacted original FBI 302 of the Flynn interview, finalized on February 15 (two days after Flynn resigned), Flynn claimed that he never asked the Russians to not escalate following new U.S. sanctions and that he never asked them to vote a certain way at the U.N. He said his comments were more along the lines of asking how they were going to vote, not telling them to vote a certain way.

Flynn said he didn’t remember and “I don’t recall” several times. [p.4 – on] Few of his responses were definitive. He also suggested he knew it was being taped so why would he lie? The agents didn’t think he was lying.

The Comey violations of the protocol are very serious. McCabe told Flynn to not have a lawyer. Agents did not advise him that lying could get him charged with a felony.

The judge believed it essential to release the original 302, possibly in the interest of transparency.

It is still not clear as to why Mike Flynn was interviewed in the first place. The Logan Act would be a ridiculous reason, although that has been bandied about.

Whether this is entrapment legally is hard to say. It is clear, however, that the FBI mistreated Mike Flynn. Of that, there is little doubt. This is no way to treat a man who gallantly served his country for over thirty years. It was done to get at the President.

Flynn is still scheduled for sentencing tomorrow. It’s not likely the case will be thrown out. But he wasn’t read his rights and it should be thrown out. They do it for the lowliest thugs.

Comey said yesterday that he is proud of the way the Flynn interview was conducted. It was done according to protocol [huh?]. He said Flynn should have known he had to tell the truth. Try telling that to a judge for some criminal who wasn’t read his Miranda rights. We have Comey on the record saying they figured the White House was inexperienced enough that they could cut corners when they conducted the interview.

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