O’Rourke’s Close with Guy Who Says Police Are Terrorists, US Is Nazi Germany


The Daily Caller [DCNF] revealed that Beto O’Rourke has a very close relationship to a nut job radio host and author. The man is far more fringe than the much-vilified Alex Jones. But YouTube keeps him on their platform. He’s okay because he’s a left-wing fringe guy.


Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Sen. Ted Cruz’s opponent in the Texas senatorial race, has long been an ally of an off-the-charts radical radio host advocating for drug legalization. He frequently compares the U.S. to Nazi Germany.

Blotto has been a frequent guest on Dean Becker’s program and sponsored a press conference for Dean Becker’s book. Becker hosts the “Drug Truth Network.”

Becker has three weekly radio shows: “Century of Lies,” “Cultural Baggage” and “4:20 Drug War News.” He’s featured O’Rourke on all three of them, and has called Blotto his very good friend, DCNF wrote.

A video Becker published in March 2017 shows the American flag with a Nazi emblem and compares federal law enforcement to the terrorist group ISIS.

It isn’t surprising that Beto is friends with him. Beto recently said the police are terrorists who represent the “new Jim Crow”.

Then there is the Nazi comparison

“USA: now fighting two eternal wars. The war on drugs and the war of terror,” Becker said in the video, as images of President Donald Trump, federal law enforcement officers and Nazi depictions flash across the screen.

“The new Nazi party does not kill Jews, the new Nazi party does not goose-step. The new Nazi party does not use the word ‘Nazi,’” Becker said in the video.

O’Rourke is very extreme. He appears to like all open borders policies and uses the cutesy nickname ‘Beto’ to appeal to Hispanics. He has lied in speeches and he lied about attempting to leave the scene of an accident after causing a crash while drunk. His father got him out of any punishment.

Democrats are trying to pawn him off as a new John F. Kennedy. I knew John Kennedy, and you sir, are no John Kennedy.

Currently, a real clear politics polling average has Ted Cruz comfortably ahead of Blotto. A poll by Emerson has him up by 5 points, CBS/YouGov has his polling numbers up by 6, and a Quinnipiac poll has him up by 9 points. All polls were taken between October 1st and 3rd.



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4 years ago

Robert O’Rourk is a fast talking used car salesman. He’d be much better off in Hollywood as his politics have nothing to do with Texas. Open borders, doing away with ICE, $10/barrel oil tax, free college tuition (even for illegal aliens), Medicare for everyone and doing away with the lower taxes passed by the Republicans. All he spouts off about on his tv ads is making a better place for his grandchildren and reaching across the aisle to stop all the bigotry and hate. None of his ads even say he’s a Democrat let alone a socialist. He’s a thumb sucking, crayon chewing communist with a face that says “liar” all over it.

4 years ago

First, the link to Daily Caller is broken/bad. Second, I’d suggest not using 3rd grade level names like “Blotto” for persons referred to in your reporting. That’s a form of fake news and denigrates your believability. You folks are better than that.

4 years ago

Thinkingdownstream, I totally disagree with your assessment. Sneering at someone is not “fake news”. It is editorializing. It does not affect the Independent Sentinel’s level of credibility, but it does show us that (as I and others do) the author detests the odious and unsuitable Beto O’Rourke.

Ed Smith
Ed Smith
4 years ago

Thinkingdownstream; You can’t go too low when talking about our “friends across the aisle’. The days of being civil with any of them ended in the Kennedy AdminIstration. There are, however some short, pithy Anglo Saxon words that describe them.