Orwellian U.K. Ban on Sexist Ads! Feminism, Islamism, Thought Police?


Advertising watchdogs in the U.K. are going to get tough on gender stereotyping according to the BBC.  Ads that mock people for not conforming to gender types or reinforce gender roles had “costs for individuals, the economy and society”, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said.

The Orwellian “watchdog” will engage thought police to condemn ads that promote gender inequality. For example, if a man is inept at housecleaning in an ad and a woman has to clean up, the ad will be verboten.

We are right behind the U.K. if we don’t watch out.

The article by the BBC reports that it began with an ad for a slimming product:

The ASA said it had decided to conduct a review following the public’s reaction to the “beach body ready” advertising campaign in 2015. It prompted a wave of complaints for showing a bikini-clad model in an advertisement for a slimming product, which critics said was socially irresponsible.

This is described by one CEO as a “big wake-up call for the advertising industry”. It’s also a “commercial opportunity”, says Lindsey Clay, a CEO of Thinkbox which does the marketing for U.K. TV advertising.

The ASA is very powerful and it is believed that ads will comply as if it were a government force.

An example of unacceptable: an ad for baby milk powder in which girls were portrayed as growing up to be ballerinas and boys were depicted as engineers and rock climbers.

The GAP was in trouble for this ad:

While there may be a legitimate point in all this, there is no doubt it will go too far.

Next is one example of how it will go too far. In a TV ad for KFC, two men were discussing a TV they just purchased. The first said, “I just bought a 56-ince plasma”. The second responded, “Awww, adorable. I just bought the 90. Because I’m a man.”

We can’t have any of that “man” stuff. All must strive to be pajama boys. Women can be man-like though.

Advertisers should be allowed to sell however they can.



Original complaints seemed to come from the mayor of London and the Muslims and liberals in the city over a beach body ad.

People do not want unequal outcomes among genders, the mayor declared.

They want to control how people think with ads and people will think like a leftist.

The London Mayor Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, said he wants to see an end to the subway running ads that promote unrealistic body expectations and demean women.

Many suspected it was because of his Muslim ideology and had little to do with him protecting women’s rights.

Khan told the Transport for London to stop running body-shaming ads amid concerns that the advertising “can demean people, particularly women”. He was referring to the ad above.

He had pledged to tackle advertising on the tube network and he had protesters and a petition to back him up.

The company behind the ads, Protein World, was accused of “directly targeting individuals, aiming to make them feel physically inferior to the unrealistic body image of the bronzed model, in order to sell their product”.

I guess we have to look at fat, ugly women advertising their health food products.

Gender equality loons praised the Islamist who is said to have ties to terrorists.

Some say it’s not feminism, it’s Islamism.

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