Orwellian UK Police Arrest 9 People a Day for Offensive Posts on Social Media


Under new guidelines, police are arresting nine people a day who are seen as web trolls. If so-called trolls post “offensive” messages online, police go find them and arrest them in their campaign against social media hate speech.

Apparently they have nothing better to do. The returning jihadis are ignored.

More than 3,300 people were detained last year over alleged trolling on social media, an increase of nearly 50 percent in two years, according to The Times [London].

About half of the investigations where dropped before prosecutions were brought, leading to accusations of over-policing.

Arrests will rise according to the Home Secretary Amber Rudd because they plan to crack down on hateful material.

Who in their right mind would think this makes any sense whatsoever?

To say the least, it’s Orwellian unless the posts are threatening. The media won’t report the offending posts so the people don’t know what’s going on. The claim is the trolls are anti-Muslim racists, but many believe they are simply jokers.

This is what the left wants here. When the enforcers decide who’s offensive, the right to speech is over. It’s a way to shut down political opponents.

Here’s one of the allegedly offensive posts.


      • No doubt about that at all. Antifa are the fascists, shutting down free speech. Colleges everywhere are shutting down free speech. Facebook / Google / Youtube / Twitter … all shutting down free speech. We don’t (yet) have the criminal penalties. Creating ‘hate crimes’ however long ago, certainly was a step toward ‘hate speech.’ It’s going to get interesting, and not pretty. And the First Amendment is the first, because without it, all the other rights will falter.

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