Oscars Put Up a Memorial for a Living Person


The people who run the Oscars prove once again that we shouldn’t listen to a thing they say because they truly are in lala land and they are just a touch insincere.

The woman you see in the tweet is Jan Chapman, a friend of the late Janet Patterson. Jan Chapman is alive and well and is still an active producer.

Janet Patterson can be seen in the middle of the next photo and she doesn’t look anything like Jan Chapman.

The real Janet Patterson Janet Patterson (died 21 October 2016) was an Australian costume designer and production designer. She won one BAFTA award and four Australian Film Institute awards, and was nominated for four Academy awards.

Ms. Patterson was reclusive and her family did not want to reveal her age or any details about her death, though Nicole Kidman gave her date of death.

Some of her most acclaimed costume designs were for the film, The Piano.

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