Our Attorney General Loretta Lynch Lied



Loretta Lynch was asked about sanctuary cities yesterday during a House hearing. She pretended she was unfamiliar with the law and said she didn’t know if the DOJ was outlawing sanctuary cities.

She is a liar who doesn’t follow the law she is the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

Listen to her pretend she would enforce laws if a case comes up.

Sanctuary cities are against the law and she knows it.

Former Assistant Director to the FBI Jim Kallstrom said we shouldn’t only be worried about refugees, we should be looking at sanctuary cities.

Kallstrom said “it’s not just the refugees, we have wide-open borders and we “don’t have a clue who’s coming in.”

“Can you imagine”, he said, “sanctuary cities?” “Sanctuary from what? Sanctuary from the laws of the United States.” “Sanctuary cities from dealing with the law enforcement agencies.”

We just had a case today in which five Syrians were stopped in Honduras as they were making their way to the United States with Greek passports.

After Loretta Lynch was nominated, she was screened by Congress and she made it clear she would do Obama’s bidding. During the hearings, Lynch would not answer most questions, often claiming ignorance, which is an answer in of itself.

Nothing has changed and Congress got what they voted for.

Loretta Lynch would not commit to following the law of the land when grilled by Senators Cruz and Session during her confirmation hearings. She could not articulate any limitations on the power of the president.

In the first part of the testimony, Cruz questioned her about droning citizens on U.S. soil if they don’t pose an imminent threat. She gave an answer that is exactly like the answer Eric Holder gives. She refused to say she wouldn’t condone it.

He next asked about GPS being put on a citizen’s car with no indication the person was violating the law. She gave another evasive answer.

He asked about a church being allowed to hire their own ministers and gave another evasive answer.

She evaded the question of advocating for broad government power. She would not say she is against it. The DOJ, she said, advocates to represent the American people. She could have said that she would follow the Constitution but she would not.

At about 08:00 on the tape, he asked about the IRS.

He brought up the IRS targeting and asked if she agreed with Barack Obama when he said he was angry about it. She said there’s no place for anger in the DOJ.

He continued with that issue and she said she wasn’t familiar with any of it. That is what Eric Holder would have said.

During the hearings yesterday, Rep. Jordan questioned her about not prosecuting Lois Lerner.

Back to the appointment hearings.

Cruz asked about AG Holder violating his own law on appointing a special prosecutor. She claimed a lack of knowledge but it’s a case Cruz reviewed with her prior to the hearing. He had asked her to review it before the hearing.


She also said we have “robust” vetting of refugees. The UN screens them and takes advice from a Muslim organization that has ties to jihadists. Then they are vetted by the US which takes in one interview by someone who has received eight weeks of training.

Loretta Lynch isn’t into following the law of the land. She’s into following the law of Obama.

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Richard Angelis
Richard Angelis
7 years ago

And you are surprised, they are all liars puppets working for their Masters to make a police state and a Hunger Games society out of every country.

7 years ago

But of course we have had to listen to pundits saying Loretta Lynch was an honest, tough prosecutor who always enforced the law, regardless of her party afiliations, blah, blah,blah. Oh, she wouldn’t be an Obama puppet, nosirree!
And of course if the FBI gets the goods, she’ll prosecute Hillary. Yeah, right. It was just the other day that DOJ said it was using it’s “prosecutorial discretion ” not to go after Lois Lerner Are you kidding me? The case against Lerner is open and shut. WE know all about what she told people to do, and we know all about her emails to Justice and the White House and her visits to the WH. So if Loretta Lynch is refusing to go after after a lower level puke like Lerner, is anybody supposed to believe she would dare go after Hillary Rodham Clinton? Are you kidding me?

7 years ago
Reply to  bobmontgomery

Totally agree on all counts. Our government is being overrun by Muslims in all the right places. Like immigration, Homeland Security , and many more. Next they will appoint Syrians in charge of illegals coming to America