Our Chief Law Enforcement Officer Doesn’t Trust Police



What a great choice for chief law enforcement officer – a race baiter who doesn’t trust the police!

Eric Holder, the chief law enforcement officer of the United States government, met with the people of Ferguson while he was in Ferguson, but he appears to have snubbed local police. His message was clear – he stands with the protesters and rioters.

“Change is coming,” Holder announced in a message heard by rioters and protesters alike.

He met with the politically-oriented Chief Ron Johnson and the FBI who are in Ferguson conducting a parallel investigation to the police investigation.

Capt. Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol stopped by to greet the attorney general, who responded unprofessionally:

“My man! You are the man,” Holder said as Johnson walked in.

He’s pandering in a juvenile way.

Engaging in his usual race baiting, Holder gave a speech at the local community college in which he said he stood with the people of Ferguson. The people of Ferguson are demanding the arrest of Officer Wilson for murder without evidence.

Holder didn’t say he stood for justice for all, maybe because he doesn’t. That remains to be seen.

Promoting anti-police sentiment, he told the people of Ferguson that he doesn’t blame them for not trusting the police.

“I understand that mistrust,” Holder told the students, most of whom are black. “I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man.”

Apparently this was based on being stopped by police twice as a kid and having his car searched.

He sure can hold a grudge.


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7 years ago

Obama & Eric Holder are the crookedest SOB’s of all os them. They are the ones that started all of this. They paid the rioters to do all this here and in St Louis. If you get rid of them, then the whole thing might stop. They are both racists of the worst kind. If they are not stopped, it will get worst & that’s what them 2 want.