Our Democrat Candidates Are Fighting to End Free Speech As We Know It


Free speech is under serious attack. In fact, I’m not certain we have free speech with the rise of political correctness suffocating peoples’ right to speak. Big Tech had a lot to do with it by slowly limiting and eliminating publishers with whom they disagreed. Many conservatives have had their reach greatly limited while leftists have grown on social media platforms. Many believe it is because the people running these platforms agree with the left and the hard-left.

There are growing concerns about hate speech and promoting violence. Ironically, most of it comes from the left. More and more people now support the government regulating speech on social media by putting pressure on private companies.

The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly made clear that “hate speech” is protected under the First Amendment, and that needs to continue.

We now have Democratic [Socialist] candidates calling for shutting down free speech and de-platforming political opponents.

Democrat candidates are drawing a false equivalency between white supremacy groups and innocent people, many of whom are white, and the type of nationalism that supports U.S. sovereignty and America first. That is the false basis they use to impugn everyone on the right.

Kamala Harris relentlessly calls for the President to be de-platformed. She wants him silenced.

BuzzFeed reported,

Sen. Kamala Harris recently promised a crowd at an NAACP event in Detroit that she’d hold social media companies accountable for the “hate” spreading across their platforms and that the companies have a “responsibility to help lead the fight” against the “threat to our democracy.”

“If you profit off hate, if you act as a megaphone for misinformation or cyberwarfare, if you don’t police your platforms, we are going to hold you accountable as a community,” she said. Harris’s campaign did not specify what holding social media companies accountable would look like.

She even sent @Jack a letter and he has now put out new rules that send us down the slippery slope.

Will she put us in a gulag? Even as she frees hardened criminals?

Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s campaign said he’s in favor of applying the same strategies used to combat “foreign radicalism” to address domestic white nationalism. “I never thought I’d be thinking about this in a domestic context,” Buttigieg told a crowd in Iowa. Is he talking about the 63 million Americans who want us to honor America first or does he mean the KKK? It sounds like the former because there is no white nationalism, there’s no ‘white’ anything unless you’re talking a supremacist group.

Cory Booker is terrified of Trump’s rallies and wants them canceled. Trump rallies “serve as a breeding ground for racism and bigotry that inspire white nationalist attacks like the one in El Paso. They are despicable and have no place in New Hampshire or anywhere in our country. That’s why Trump must cancel the rally,” he said.

He only wants to silence the popular President.

Joe Biden wants Fox News to stop airing the President’s ads because he decided they are dishonest. “No company should allow itself to be a tool to mislead the public on any issue, let alone on one as important as the health of our democracy. It is one thing to allow President Trump the platform to spread falsehoods from his own account; it is quite another to profit from paid ads echoing the same lies,” his campaign said in a letter to the companies.

The ad highlights his and his son’s potentially corrupt dealings. None of the allegations are debunked and Joe is on tape bragging about extorting the Ukrainians.

Elizabeth Warren, the fake Indian runs deceitful ads to make her point.

Bernie the commie, Beto the fascist, and Castro the commie, all want regulations that meet their values which is why censorship and regulations on free speech don’t work. All three of these people support the use of government force to coerce people to violate their consciences to the demands of a petulant minority on a number of issues such as abortion to the moment of birth or gay marriage. Forced speech is not free speech.

Beto wants to take tax-exempt status away from churches if they don’t agree with his values.

This is a virtual burning of the books.

Goebbels would be proud.

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