Our Downward Spiral & the Delay of the Keystone Pipeline


Environmental Terrorism

Reuters reported that the United States will seek a new Keystone route (Canada to Texas pipeline) and is delaying approval until after Obama is re-elected. Keystone XL has already invested $7 billion into this project and it is vital to our country’s economic survival. Personally, if Obama is re-elected, I don’t see how it will even be built.

Many of the environmental issues that have been raised are nonsensical. They are fabrications or exaggerations about possible effects on rodents and wild flowers or they are simply misguided hate for oil and gas. Read here: The Pagosa Skyrocket and Road Kill and End Alaska Drilling and Drill in Brazil and Gas Prices Must Skyrocket and Government Taxes Higher Than Oil Company’s Profits and It’s China Baby and Environmentalists – Greenfield article and Frackin’ War on Oil & Gas. I could go on all day with this idiocy that will destroy our nation.

This government is controlling our energy, food, and waterways, that’s a fact, not a fantasy I’ve conjured up.

Our government is using agencies and Executive Orders to ignore Congress under the guise of it being too difficult to go through Congress. Well, sure, so what? It’s difficult when the people have a say. When will people get what is going on here?

These “stop the pipeline people” are not, I repeat NOT, environmentalists. I am an environmentalist. These folks want us living in huts. They are extremists who do not care about people.

There is also a very strong influence by the Communist Party USA and Socialist Party USA on this environmental extremism. If you don’t believe me, go online and read the articles on their sites or click my links. The environment is one of the issues statists use to confuse people into believing we must go to extremes, even if it means we will destroy our standard of living. Their goal is money, power, and global rule, not the environment.

The pipeline build is an issue that cannot garner votes for Obama, and votes are what Obama cares about. He doesn’t care that we need the energy and delaying or stopping this project will force us to buy even more fuel from polluting countries who hates us. It will also raise prices and eventually prices will go through the roof.

His decision followed some ads by Hollywood mouths like Leonardo dicaprio and Julio Louis-Dreyfus. I wonder if Hollywood trumps the unions.

We have OWS protesting the Big Banks who are in bed with Obama. How about the OWS going after the real culprits in the government who are throwing this country into third world nation status.

We won’t survive much more of this.