Our Marines Could Get Killed Because of a Great Social Experiment



More than half of the female Marines and Marine recruits tested during 2013 couldn’t complete three pull-ups, forcing the Corps to re-evaluate its commitment to gender-neutral physical fitness standards. Photo via Daily Mail

The American public was told that women in combat will have to meet the same requirements as men when the rules were changed to allow women to fill combat positions by 2016, but that might not be the case.

Women will be allowed into ground combat in infantry, armor and artillery units by 2016 but they do not currently meet the minimum requirements.

The Marine Corp brass might reduce the requirements or they could change the rules for all Marines to allow women into combat.

Women will need to be strong enough to climb mud walls, carry ammunition, and pull wounded soldiers out of harm’s way.

Women in the Marine Corps are currently not required to do one pull-up. Male counterparts are required to do three. A Marine spokesman, Capt. Eric Flanagan, told CNS News that 55% can’t do 3 pull-us compared with 1% of men.

Instead female Marines are being allowed to do a flexed-arm hang in which a person grabs the bar with both hands and pulls his/her body up, holding the chin above the bar as long as possible.

The law was supposed to be changed to require them to meet the same 3-pull-up minimum as the men but the Marines have postponed that indefinitely because they say they will lose too many women and won’t get enough new ones. The postponement was done under the radar and without public announcement.

Pull-ups are equivalent to the body strength needed to lift fallen comrades while in combat, pull one’s self over a wall, all while carrying 50 to 90 pounds of munitions and supplies.

The pull-up test is a reliable test that has been used for more than 40 years.

Women who can’t meet these requirements will not only be unable to adequately help the men in the field when they are most needed, they will be a burden to them as the men will then have to help them and themselves.

The deadline for women to do 3 pull-ups has been extended for an indeterminate length of time to give women the time to succeed according to the Marine Corps.

Greg Jacob, a former Marine and Marine trainer, said they can do it, according to NPR.

“At first, a lot of women weren’t able to do it,” Jacob says of his training days. “They were able to do one, some were able to do two, but what happened was by having that standard and enforcing that standard, it made my Marines, it made the troops go to the gym and train to that standard.”

Women in combat is an Obama Administration social experiment. Since 1994, they have been banned from combat service because it requires brute strength.

USA Today reported in January that then Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, changed the rules to allow women into combat but promised they would meet the same requirements.

“The department’s goal in rescinding the rule is to ensure that the mission is met with the best qualified and most capable people, regardless of gender,” Panetta said.

“I’m not talking about reducing the qualifications for the job — if they can meet the qualifications for the job, then they should have the right to serve,” he said.

However, that does not mean the standards may not change. Army Gen. Robert Cone said the physical standards will be studied and set and be the same for men and women.

Are they going to lower the standards and allow unqualified men and women to serve in combat just to allow women into combat?

This bears watching. If women can’t do it, they have no business being in combat. PC has no place on the battlefield. It’s not a civil right but women do have the right to meet the requirements, and men in combat have the right to fight alongside fellow soldiers who can hold their weight.