Our New Anti-Trump Candidate Is a Fraud


fraud mcmullin

Evan McMullin, who serves as the chief policy director for the House GOP and who worked for Goldman Sachs, is launching an independent bid for the White House. He touts his sane and honest conservatism as a place for neverTrumpers to go in November.

It should be noted that he was also a refugee resettlement officer as well as a policy officer and former Goldman Sachs employee.

He’s a GOP policy wonk and we know what their policies are. The Trump supporters rejected their policies on illegal immigration and globalism.

The Washington Times reported that “his long-shot bid, apparently fueled by big-money GOP donors, demonstrated that the Republican establishment and its #NeverTrump adherents will never give up, and, at the very least, will keep aggravating Mr. Trump until November.”

Breitbart reported that one of those donors is Romney guy, Rick Wilson.

Macmillan could help the GOP establishment regain its power after November in the minds of the establishment. Trump will change the party irrevocably. The GOP fails to realize the party as it was will never come back. Too many now realize they are not working for the people.

When John Boehner stepped down as Speaker, McMullin wrote on Facebook: “Today we learned that Congress will soon lose a tremendous leader in Speaker Boehner.” He described Boehner as “one of the most humble, gracious, and savvy leaders I’ve ever encountered.” McMullin said he was “grateful” for the opportunity “to learn” from Boehner, according to Breitbart.

The Trump supporters helped oust Boehner because he was working against conservatism and Libertarianism.

This is also a post from his Facebook page and it’s revealing:

He also posted on his Facebook page about the plight of Syrian refugees, linking to an Amnesty International article on refugees and noting: “Sobering facts: Over 50 million people around the world – including 50% of Syrians – have been forced from their homes due to conflicts in the worst global refugee crisis since WWII.”

So much for McMullin conservatism.

In a statement explaining why he decided to pursue the presidency, McMullin on Monday wrote that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is a “corrupt career politician” while Republican contender Donald Trump “appeals to the worst fears of Americans at a time we need unity.” He maintained that with the high stakes of this election, he could not afford to be a bystander.

He has no name recognition and it is unlikely he will make it to the ballot though he is making hay out of this and ripping into Donald Trump. He’s been promoted by the GOP incumbents. mainstream media (left-wing) and some on Fox. His attacks against Hillary are almost non-existent,he’s simply a Trump hater.

Click the link for Evan Mcmullin’s Linkedin biography.

Gateway Pundit believes he picked up inaccuracies between his Wikipedia page, his candidates’ page and linked in page.

In one place, he says he started working with the CIA in 1999 and in another he says he began training in 2001. He claims he trained at Langley but CIA operatives train at Camp Peary, Jim Hoft of the Pundit writes.

Also from Mr. Hoft:

McMullim’s Linkedin bio says he graduated from BYU in 2001.

But he said he did missionary work in Brazil after 2001; Mormon males spend two years as missionaries.

The Wikipedia page says he did his missionary work after graduating from BYU in 2001. That would mean he wouldn’t be available to join the CIA until 2003, not 1999 or 2001.

And even though he worked in Jordan and was then a “CIA operative” in the Middle East, he doesn’t speak Arabic. [That would mean he was probably a clerk]

Wikipedia can’t be trusted and these dates could simply be errors but he needs to clarify them immediately.

The one thing that is absolutely clear is he is tied to the GOP establishment, Goldman Sachs, and was a refugee resettlement officer. The resettlement people are open borders globalists. This alone suggests he is just a distraction put out by the establishment to bash Trump and is no conservative.




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