Our Reckless Ruling Class Threatens to Bring About a Serious Constitutional Crisis


The reckless ruling class, as Tucker Carlson called the establishment Thursday evening, seeks to overturn the election of nine months ago. We are facing what could end up being a serious constitutional crisis thanks to members of Congress and people like Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller.

Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, gave special counsel Robert Mueller remarkably broad latitude in exploring the Russia interference in the election. The mandate should have been far more specific. In addition, Mueller, a close associate of Jim Comey’s, has hired eight Clinton donors out of 13 lawyers to investigate, which makes many suspicious of Mueller’s motives.

One of the lawyers Mueller just brought in is a legal expert in financial fraud and that is where the investigation is heading. That was Donald Trump’s redline according to what he told a NY Times interviewer last month. Trump issued a veiled warning to Mueller at the time that his financial dealings were a red line that investigators shouldn’t cross. He was lured into that answer however.

Mueller is reportedly – according to leaks – working with a grand jury to investigate the Russia-Trump influence in the 2016 election. CNN says Mueller is investigating the Trump family resources.

Trump owns 100 companies and they did business in some evil countries. The investigators are bound to find something wrong. There are so many punitive laws on the books.

Furthermore, Reuters is reporting grand jury subpoenas have been issued in connection with the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya last June.

There is more. Independent UK reports Jared Kushner’s family’s real estate company was subpoenaed over their investment program.

Charles Krauthammer calls it a constitutional crisis.

“That’s why tonight news is not just a threat to Trump and his entourage but it’s to I think to constitutional stability.”

“The president has said he’s got a red line. If they want to go on a fishing expedition that’s unrelated essentially to the Russia probe, that’s where he draws a line.”

“He didn’t say what he would do but you know what he would have in mind.”

“When you get members of his own party in the Senate trying to pass laws probably unconstitutional to restrict his ability to fire Mueller, you know that we are possibly headed to a cliff.”

“The problem with special prosecutors is you a sample a team of the best of the best in search of a crime.”

This Russia probe is a fishing expedition which is unAmerican. A while back, Alan Dershowitz called the Russia probe Stalinist. “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime”.


  1. Krauthammer will eventually use his “constitutional crisis” characterization to endorse the removal of Trump. He is a classic manipulator.

  2. Remember all the promises that Mueller would run a tight, honest, right down the middle investigation? He’s loaded up with Dem lawyers and the probe is leaking at the highest levels. The latter mentioned alone should be enough to warrant his dismissal.

    • Similarly, we had promises that Comey was a straight guy. Lately, we heard that Sessions is that way. At this time, conservatives should pay attention to nothing but action.

  3. I had hoped tomorrow Sessions would give indications of actions being taken on investigating not only leaks but other crimes. Unfortunately this may not be the case, as the expectations may be shifting to one of “Discussion” on leaks. This is the TYPICAL response from someone in the Senate. There are infinite amount of “Discussions”, hosted by Government, with little ever being accomplished. I had grown disappointed with Sessions but it is languishing on the vine.

    It’s almost funny we have M)ueller, M)cMaster, M)attis, M)cCabe, M)cCain,

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