Our Replacements Are Here! Illegal Crossings Are Up 203%


Border Patrol reports there has been a 203% increase in border crossings in the last 12 months. Overall, there was a 37 percent increase when compared to February, but a 203 percent increase compared to March 2017.

About 50,000 came in March. That’s a stunning number, but guess what Democrats are complaining about. They’re ranting about President Trump sending the National Guard to the border. They are the same people who refused to add detention beds and who are barring the building of a border wall – along with a few RINOs.

All of these people know they will be released onto our streets. They know they can get benefits, free medical, free education and they can take our jobs. They are our replacements.

The number of family units apprehended at the border increased by 49 percent and the number of unaccompanied children (UAC) increased by 41 percent compared to last month alone.

The problem now is they are coming in family units. It makes them harder to deport, it means more anchor babies, more DACA, more dependents we can’t afford.

Sanctuary Cities Are the Lure

More California cities are beginning to reject the Sanctuary State practice in California so there is some hope. But with half the country committed to open borders, we have a very serious problem.



  1. Good for Escondido. And a mayor who actually takes his oath seriously. I liked the guy toward end of video, he and his mom went through the process to become citizens, and is not happy with “easier, softer way” being offered now.

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