Our Republic Is Up Against a Dangerous Progressive Movement Uniting Leftist Movements


The Left Forum is an annual conference for Communists, Socialists, and Democratic Socialists in New York City. This year’s conference was held at John Jay College and John Jay is rolling in his grave over it. There weren’t countless thousands in attendance but there were a few thousand. It was live streamed and I have no idea how many were watching from their homes.

Attendees and speakers came from all over the nation. They are clever, committed and dangerous. They threaten our existence as a free nation. Ironically, they think they are the freedom fighters and Republicans are Fascists.

Many professors from all over the country attended and they are communists, socialists and communists who like to call themselves socialists. They are teaching in both public and private colleges. They despise Catholics, Evangelicals, police, military, Netanyahu, Israel, and Republicans. Their hatred of Wall Street is intense.

The majority of the people on Wall Street are average Americans making average pay and businesses and unions are invested in and benefit from Wall Street.

One thing is for certain, no one has a right to be rich though I suspect some of them are.

The one thing that I am convinced of is there is no great far left conspiracy among these people though it’s obvious that paid organizers are pumping them up. Mostly, they all just happen to think alike and they want to promote their values by joining together and pushing them on as many people as possible because their ideas are obviously the only right ideas. They appear to be very closed-minded and morose people.

Their causes include cheap housing; freebies as rights including free subway fare, food, healthcare, incomes for everyone; a living wage; they want women equality; income equality, economic justice; social justice; climate change justice; an end to police brutality, preferably an end to police; no more mass incarceration-prisons are not needed for the most part; no wars anywhere, ever, for any reason; and so on.

If you want to know what their Communist/Socialist agenda is, just check Obama’s agenda items.

One said, there is no need for us to talk about  Lenin and Marx, we all know that. We need to talk about how to unite into a more powerful force to achieve our goals.

It is important to note that the Democratic Socialists (we have 70 of them in Congress), the Socialists, and the Communists at this conference are all working together, with varying degrees of success, on the overturning of Capitalism and making the U.S. into a democracy. They have the same mission. They also all see themselves as Progressives.

My friend Grace came with me and told one speaker about the importance of God. The speaker described himself as an old Black Panther and he asked her how she could come to the Left Forum and mention God. After the conference, he spotted her in the lobby and hugged her, saying he also believed in God. A rarity among godless people.


More impressive than attendance were the thousands of communist books being written by Americans (foreigners as well) and that were up for sale at the event. Many were on Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Ché, Malcolm X and similar unsavory characters. These rabid anti-capitalists were shamelessly selling and making a profit off these books.

This next title gives you an idea of how much they hate the military.


There are even books for the children.

rosie red

They had a day care set up called Little Lefties Daycare.

I attended the third day of the conference. One of the themes they found that best promotes their cause is “people before profits.” They hope to destroy corporations and capitalism. There were few facts at any workshop, just unbelievable quotes attributed to Republicans and rambling thoughts.

They were disappointed in the turnout but some said it was the weather. Perhaps it was global warming! When Occupy was at its height, there were far more in attendance.

Leftist men and women have a certain distinctive and bland look. Many used their clothes to express themselves. Some wore shirts that said, F*K the Police or just F*k.

IMG_3018.JPG IMG_9201They were all looking for ideas to bring the disparate groups together into one large powerful movement, at least for some common issues if not all.

A member of the Free Socialist Pirate’s Party expressed disgust over leaders who won’t share power thus keeping the groups from uniting.

Some said the Occupier movement fizzled because there were too many anarchists and they’re a bit too extreme plus they had no strategy [sounds like Obama]. They said that even Democrats have hurt Progressives by not promoting them more.

The Occupy movement, according to the co-founder of Occuevolve, never had more than 400-500 members without the unions, especially SEIU. He mentioned other leftist groups that were paid by MORE.

MORE was there yesterday discussing how they would do better by BlackLivesMatter protesters. There had been a short-lived Twitter campaign against MORE for not quickly paying the hard working protester/rioters.

No one seemed to like Obama much and they saw him as a disappointment. His ties to corporations and his reluctance to follow through fully on his agenda as they see it, among other things, were seen as unacceptable negatives.

Citing polls, they said it’s obvious most of the country is now Progressive. They unquestionably see Progressives as radical Socialists. The terms are interchangeable in their minds, so the next time someone says it’s conspiratorial to say that, tell them to check out the left Forum. Progressives are Socialists and Communists.

They see themselves as revolutionaries and their goal is to overturn Capitalism and replace it with Socialism or Communism. Either would be better than Capitalism in their minds.

They are also incredibly paranoid about government spies infiltrating their groups.

What is dangerous is they are finding ways to network all the disparate leftist groups and they are determined.

Police are unnecessary. They believe that. They’re militarized and all they do all day is run around and kill people in their minds. They feel the same about the military. Our president must have a similar notion – all he does is downsize the military.


Some groups were more organized than others and had set up some intricate networking systems, others were just fumbling around in the dark and were remarkably unorganized. They want to bring their message to everyone in the country until Americans scream for the end of capitalism which is the root of all evil, along with Republicans.

The left in this country are believers. They are not faking it. They really believe they are the true patriots and that the United States is a democracy, not a Republic, like Obama appears to believe.

They all see our government as a democracy and want it to be a direct democracy, the sooner the better. They’ll tell you the Founding Fathers were leftists and they’ll mean it.



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