Our Senior General and Defense Secretary Made Fools of Themselves Before the World


Gen dunford

Our Senior General, General Dunford and Defense Secretary are mumbling idiots and the whole world knows it. The video below was shown throughout the world and, as you can see, throughout the Arab world, but it was not publicized much in the United States. There is a reason it wasn’t except on the barely watched C-span and that will be made clear when you watch it but the world knows.

This would make a good ISIS recruitment ad. We look witless.

The General and our Defense Secretary could not answer a single question during this testimony without sounding like bumbling fools and they could not articulate a strategy. They’re willing to look like dumkopfs for Obama.

The testimony in the video basically goes like this.

They said our goal is to replace Assad but they admit that Russia, Iran and Hizbollah are now in charge of the region with our tacit permission and they are Assad’s allies.

Incredulously, they said they don’t know if the forces we are helping want to take down Assad.

Graham made the point that they do want to take Assad down but once they finish fighting ISIL, we don’t know if they want to defeat Assad and we will not help them fight Assad.

They are going to defeat Assad but there is no one to do it, they admitted.

The Pentagon and the Department of Defense have been fully politicized thanks to the dictator in the White House.

This is from October of last year.

Watch this embarrassing charade.

h/t Bob Trent

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Herbert R.
Herbert R.
6 years ago

When flawed leadership and subjective interpretation of law neutralize the effectiveness of the military and law enforcement, the probability of war intensifies and the crime rate soars.

6 years ago

Then the U S A should “back off”! Assad has done nothing to / against the U S A, they are not attacking the States or bothering them in any way other than not complying with the States desire to put “their” own chosen leader in charge so they can control the country. The U S A must learn, not all countries want to be ruled by a foriegn power or believe in the N W O & just want to be left alone.