“Our Values” Tell Us to Be Nice to Terrorists: Trump and Morning Joe Respond



The waterboarding of terrorists began as a debate to bash George W. Bush and it was promoted by Republican Senator John McCain who is opposed to waterboarding. It’s now 13 years later and it’s back in the news because the CIA Director said they will never again waterboard.  They won’t even deprive terrorists of sleep or question them harshly.

One agent who shot off a gun in another room was fired and prosecuted for frightening the terrorist being questioned back in 2008.

When Barack Obama took office, his DoJ chief at the time Eric Holder prosecuted our own CIA officials, lawyers in the Bush administration, and whistle blowers as spies, making no distinction between speaking with reporters and spying on our government.

Meanwhile, Obama has “kill lists” and was drones people.

In 2012, Lesley Stahl interviewed José Rodriguez, the CIA operative who waterboarded the 9/11 terrorists.

One of the means of “torture” he described was Ensureboarding. The terrorists were made to drink Ensure.

It is called food manipulation.

There were other tortures like interrupting their sleep, shoving water down their throats and slapping them. Of course, nothing reaches the level of forcing Ensure on these poor terrorists.

Lesley Stahl responded with horror and said, “…what is…you mean Ensure…like the people in the hospital who drink that stuff…and dietary manipulations, this is Orwellian stuff, the United States doesn’t do that.”

Mr. Rodriguez answered, “Well, we do.”

I know Ensure is filled with vitamins and nutrients, but, still, it’s so Orwellian. They should have force-fed them belly bomber burgers from a fast food restaurant – now that would be torture.

Mr. Rodriguez went on to explain that the terrorists became healthier while there – they shipped in one of the finest doctors from Johns Hopkins.

Regardless of what you believe, it’s been 13 years. Joe Scarborough unloaded on the biased media this morning and said the “level of stupidity” in the press on this issue is “confounding.”

“It’s the stupidest conversation and it continues because it makes people feel morally superior while being completely ignorant of this process 13 years ago,” Scarborough said.

Trump responded this morning on Fox & Friends.

Trigger warning: Glenn Beck tested Lesley Stahl’s contention that Ensureboarding was an Orwellian torture. You can see the complete video if you click here. It’s hysterical.

Or you can view this iPhone video. Stu confessed in 7 seconds – Lesley Stahl was right!

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