Out of Touch, Pensioned, UFT Prez Weingarten Actually Only Taught Four Years


Some info has come to light regarding United Federation of Teacher’s President, Randi Weingarten. In a blast of cold irony that should surprise no one who’s watched this woman on the national stage, it’s been learned she did very little actual teaching.

It starts to make some sense when we learn that Weingarten began serving as a legal counsel at UFT in 1986 before becoming a “teacher”.

Randi began grabbing onto the teat of public education by working about two hours a day as a substitute from September 1991 to August 1994. That time earned her one year credit towards retirement. From there it was on to teaching social studies at Clara Barton High School in Crown Heights between 1994 and 1997.

Here’s the fun part. The Teachers’ Retirement System of the City of New York has credited Weingarten with 15 years of service, as a teacher.

Even those trapped in NYC’s failed government schools can understand that math simply does not add up. One year plus 3 years equals 4 years. That can’t meet even the lowest standard of teachers being vested after 5 years. But, in Randi’s case it appears she’s being credited with 15 years, despite spending 11 of those skipping social studies classes, while working as UFT’s full time leader.

How can that be? As part of UFT’s collective bargaining agreement teachers may go on leave without pay to work for the teachers union — allowing them to count those years toward an eventual pension in the Teacher Retirement System. Without pay? Weingarten pulled down just under half a million bucks last year, and is living very large.

Never mind that fellow Empire State taxpayers! Cause you’re on the hook for her pension. When she finally “retires”, Randi is reportedly eligible to collect almost $15, 000 yearly. Given, it’s estimated Weingarten may have contributed as little as $7,200 into that fund, that’s one hell of a return on her money.

Ms. Weingarten came into her job as a labor lawyer. As was painfully evident throughout the politically motivated, instruction crushing, wholly unnecessary COVID school closings, she remained first and foremost an attorney.

Millions of long suffering parents and students came last. Unlike Randi’s pension and current salary, that damage, at this point is incalculable.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
16 days ago

She fits the profile of a subversive. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…..

16 days ago

It will be easier to take down the US Government than take down Academia. History has shown that Academia has taken down and out lasted Government’s because they indoctrinate Children to protect them. Teachers in America are not good people. Most I consider leeches and grifters. They don’t have our children’s best interest at heart. Most Teachers are Idealist with Liberal Agendas who can’t find a job outside of Academia. Who would you prefer to hire, a Veteran with real world Skills or a Liberal Arts Teacher with no usable skills at all? We need people in schools teaching our children trades that can put food on the Table and how to be a Productive and Responsible Citizen. Few Public Schools do any of that any more. The last thing we need is more Social Justice Warriors who think America is a Bad. The Bad in Government comes from the Crazy Idealist produced by Academia who have been taught that Reality is Fluid.

16 days ago

Typical Communist-Democrat-NAZI SOP. promote-appoint party favorites instead of qualified individuals!