Outgoing House Intel Chair Has a Plan to Get the FISA Docs Released


House Intel Chair Devin Nunes told Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ that he will get the Carter Page FISA documents released along with other Russiagate records, but it won’t be through the usual channels.

Nunes said their investigation is complete and now they have to get the information to the public. He doesn’t know why the President won’t declassify any of it, but he is considering various ways to work around the swamp critters and get them released himself.

Nunes is going to try to take some of the onus off the President with a plan of his own.


“For various reasons, the president or his staff doesn’t want to do it. Therefore, I think it’s important if the president doesn’t want his hands on it, we have to have somebody, some office, that’s going to look at all of these issues and all of these documents that need to be declassified. I’m going be working with my colleagues to work on and send some example over to the president or a transparency type of office, so that the Congress, the American people, others can put in requests of documents or issues that they want declassified.”

That sounds like a long process given the sorry state of the Freedom for Information Act (FOIA) these days.

Nunes added, “We need to make sure that there’s light. I always say that sunlight is the best disinfectant in Washington. The more that we can get declassified, I think, the better. And I think an easy way to do it is to create an office that actually just works directly under the White House that specializes in evaluating this documentation and errs on the side of the more sunlight the better to make sure that everything we want declassified gets declassified.”

It sounds like a new government department is needed to overrule the President’s executive agencies who will not comply. This is what people mean by the Deep State — the bureaucrats running the part of the government — the agencies — they control.

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