Outraged Sahrawi Arabs Get It – Hillary Sold Her Soul



The Clintons will take money from anywhere at anytime. They don’t care if some of their donors are abusive to women, kill gay people or deprive people of their retirements as is the case of the Sahrawi Arabs.

The Clintons recently took what amounted to a bribe from Morocco, leaving some non-ethnic Moroccans outraged.

The Clintons took money from a Moroccan company that repressed their people.

The company, OCP, paid a million dollars for a lavish affair at which Bill, Hillary and Chelsea presided over with Bill headlining.

Ironically, the gala event was to highlight efforts by the foundation and its donors and the Moroccan government to “improve the lives of marginalized people in North Africa and the Middle East.”  Bill praised the company and the king.

Some miners interviewed by Politico say that the company forced them into early retirement, slashed their pensions, leaving them in dire straights, so the company could hire ethnic Moroccans for the better jobs. The miners told Politico that “they had witnessed firsthand multiple examples of the “arbitrary and prolonged detention” and “physical and verbal abuse” that the U.S. State Department says Moroccan authorities mete out to Sahrawis advocating for independence in Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara.

“Hillary Clinton sold her soul when they accepted that money,” declared Mohamed Lahwaimed, who gathered with the other former miners in a second floor walk-up in the Western Sahara capital of Laayoune to speak with the Politico reporter.

“And now we are concerned that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency of the United States of America, she will take the side of Moroccans even more,” Lahwaimed said through an interpreter.

Added fellow former miner Lahbib Salhi, “All the tainted money that Morocco has gathered from taking away our rights has been used to bribe the Clinton Foundation and the international community.”

Think about it. A million dollars for a party while these hard working people are deprived of what they have earned.

The Clintons have taken in $2 billion for their money laundering charity and much of it came from foreign donors seeking to influence U.S. policy.

It’s not rocket science.

Who are these 47% who still enthusiastically support Hillary and why? Maybe they need to have a conversation with the Sahrawi Arabs.

Red the story at Politico.

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