Outrageous Accusation Against Judge Kavanaugh Sent to Female Obama


The transcript of a telephone interview with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh given by Senate Democrats on Wednesday, the night before the hearing, has been released.

It’s absolutely outrageous that Judge Kavanaugh had to answer questions of completely anonymous accusers.

One was a two-and-a-half page anonymous letter to Kamala Harris, the female Obama. She was only too happy to send it the Judiciary.

Not only was this anonymous, there was no information.

A woman who offered no return address or name sent a letter to Sen. Harris’ office marked “urgent.”

In the letter, Ms. Anonymous, if it is a woman, said Kavanaugh allegedly forced her to give him oral sex in a car as his unnamed friend in the backseat assisted by covering her mouth. [As if that isn’t suspicious. It sounds exactly like Blasey’s version]

“They forced me to go into the backseat and took turns raping me several times each,” the letter alleges, adding that Kavanaugh also struck her in the face and threatened her not to tell.

There was no location, no date, no corroboration, no names.

Go to about page 11 to read the transcript on this link.

Get angry. This is obscene, outrageous, repugnant, and disgusting. This is how we treat a respected judge? Thank a Democrat.


  1. Unfortunately the brainwashed retards will suck this up as gospel…and the mindless morons will march and shout obscenities at anyone within earshot and the vagina dipsticks and their pussy hat cohorts will join the fray…ah well!!!

  2. “They forced me to go into the backseat and took turns raping me several times each,”……..Did she file this with the police? oh that’s right, she didn’t tell anyone because of trauma, can’t remember when or where it happened, wants to remain anonymous!!! but it happened and she sounds credible, lets see who’s next to tell their story of the serial rapist Kavanaugh?????

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