Outrageous: Barack Obama’s Hidden Agenda Behind the Iranian Nuclear Deal



People should be outraged by the latest Obama administration scheme to violate the Constitution in a way that will have disastrous results for the United States. There are reports that the administration plans to circumvent Congress and go directly to the U.N. to seek approval of the abysmal nuclear deal. The U.N. is a gathering place for the world’s worst dictators.

Barack Obama will get the approval and all sanctions will end. Even if the United States keeps their sanctions, it will make no difference. Sanctions are all we have to keep Iran from getting the bomb and they will come to an end.

In making this move, Barack Obama will have seriously damaged Congressional authority and completely overstepped his own.

This is closer to treason than any letters posted by Sen. Tom Cotton.

It makes the U.S. look even weaker before the world.

It’s somewhat anarchistic. The president isn’t following the law of the land and is doing anything he wants.

Secretary of State John Kerry said earlier this week that the Iranian nuclear deal would not have to be sent to Congress because it was an agreement, not a treaty.

Republican senators came back stating that any nuclear agreement he would make is non-binding and could be vacated with the next president.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Zarif turned around and threatened the U.S., stating that not abiding by the agreement would result in an “international incident.”

The deal is so bad for the U.S. and her allies that Iran is desperate for it to go through.

Zarif, according to Iran’s Foreign Ministry, also said, “It will not be a bilateral agreement between Iran and the U.S., but rather one that will be concluded with the participation of five other countries, including all permanent members of the Security Council, and will also be endorsed by a Security Council resolution,” yahoo news reports.

In other words, the Obama administration is planning to bypass the U.S. senate and go to the U.N. for approval of a deal that gives Iran a path to the bomb.

Barack Obama is trying to circumvent the U.S. Constitution so he can make it impossible for the next president to cancel the deal. If the U.N. – an America-hating, Israel-hating gang of dictators – agrees to the deal, which they undoubtedly will, no nation will be able to levy sanctions against Iran.

In a letter, Corker said letting the U.N. consider such an agreement, while at the same time threatening to veto legislation that would allow Congress to vote on it, is a “direct affront” to the American people and would undermine the role of Congress, the AP reported.

“Enabling the United Nations to consider an agreement or portions of it, while simultaneously threatening to veto legislation that would enable Congress to do the same, is a direct affront to the American people and seeks to undermine Congress’s appropriate role,” Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, wrote to Obama.

Corker asked the president to “please advise us as to whether you are considering going to the United Nations Security Council without coming to Congress first.”

Congress is the peoples’ voice in the government. Obama is not simply ignoring politicians, but rather, he is ignoring the people. This is more than an insult to the people, it’s a serious constitutional violation.

Why isn’t anyone talking about the Constitution? If it isn’t  a violation, it’s at least a violation of the spirit of the law.

This president has to be stopped. We can’t allow him to destroy the separation of powers and we need the Congress to take back the powers that rightfully belong to them.

Unfortunately, the president can negotiate agreements even if the deal should obviously be a treaty. Barack Obama knows the Constitution very well, that’s how he knows how to skirt it.

Iranians will come out with billions of dollars of business at the end of this process which will revive the Iranian economy. Listen:


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7 years ago

screw the UN we don’t even need a federal government…………….each state should work together ……to support one another….and get rid of the federal reserve, irs, and the federal government ….this country does not need a middle man……..and we do not need a one world power…………we just need to lock all the evil corrupt people up in to one of the FEMA camps they built for us………………..

JoAnn Chavez
JoAnn Chavez
7 years ago

Where is Congress???????? Why hasn’t he been impeached?????