Outrageous: Obama’s Latest Alinsky-Style Interference in Israeli Elections


obam and netanyahu

Joe Biden and John Kerry met with Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog in Munich on Saturday, Breitbart reported. This is after Obama insisted he couldn’t meet with Netanyahu when he addresses Congress on March 3rd because it was too close to the Israeli election. Apparently the rest of the administration can.

The message they sent by meeting with Herzog is that the U.S. will work with Herzog but not Netanyahu. It is also meant to diminish Netanyahu in advance of his address.

The administration is desperate to minimize anything Netanyahu has to say when he speaks directly to the American public about the upcoming nuclear deal.

Nothing must interfere with the Obama-Kerry nuclear deal with the Iranian Islamo-Fascists.

Obama is probably behind Jeremy Bird’s efforts to unseat Netanyahu. Bird is the 2012 National Director of Obama’s re-election campaign and he is heavily involved with One Voice, a leftist organization waging a nasty campaign on behalf of Herzog in the March 17 election.

Democrats are thinking about not attending Netanyahu’s address to Congress. How could they even consider not attending?

Prime Minister Netanyahu is under tremendous pressure to cancel his speech before the U.S. Congress on March 3rd. It has become a circus because of Obama’s manipulations.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Netanyahu will give the speech as planned because after the election will be too late.

Despite continuing and mounting opposition to his plans to address the US Congress on March 3, including from American-Jewish organizational leaders, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “determined to go” and make the case against an Iranian nuclear deal, a senior government official said Sunday.

The official’s comments came amid speculation that Netanyahu might, at the last minute, find a reason to put off the trip to Washington until after the March 17 election and avoid exacerbating tensions with the Obama administration.

Netanyahu, however, seems to feel that the speech against an Iranian nuclear deal cannot be delayed until after the election and the establishment of a new government, because by then it would be too late.

He alluded to this at Sunday’s cabinet meeting, saying that US Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held talks over the weekend and announced that they intend to complete a framework agreement by the end of March. It is precisely so as to warn against that agreement that Netanyahu has indicated he cannot put off the visit, and that there is a timetable that cannot be ignored. Israeli government officials said there is an ongoing dialogue with the Democrats, a number of whom have indicated that they might not be present when Netanyahu speaks before a special joint session of Congress. Aides to US Vice President Joe Biden indicated over the weekend that he will be traveling abroad at the time of the speech.

Netanyahu can’t turn back at this point because of the price he would pay politically, but of more concern is that he seems to think the imminent Iranian nuclear deal is so bad that it demands the risk he is taking.

Even more concerning is that President Obama has no intention of pulling back from the Iranian nuclear deal no matter how bad it is. Nothing will stop him and the Congress is likely too weak to even try.

The potential deal is being reported by the Associated Press and other news sources as one that will allow Iran to exist as a nuclear threshold state in exchange for keeping the peace in the region. In other words, unbelievably, Iran will have the U.S. blessing to dominate the region despite the fact that Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of terror is the world.

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