Outrageous! President Obama ‘Put His Thumb on the Scale Using All Levers of Power’


It’s obvious what is going on and whether the President used imprecise language or not is irrelevant. We know Obama politicized the intelligence agencies and we know his coup against the current administration is out in the open. We also know Obama’s lying when he pretends he wasn’t involved in the wiretapping if it did indeed take place.

Former National Intelligence Director Jim Clapper told “Meet the Press” that under his watch there was no wiretapping of candidates. President Trump is asking for an inquiry into whether former President Obama [he means the official charged with such a duty] tapped his phone at the same time the officials investigate any Trump-Putin connection.

A liberal source for a liberal journalist believes it’s all true. The White House and the administration believed that Trump and his surrogates were colluding with the Russians to influence the election and they did discuss the wiretapping. Therefore, the White House and the administration were involved in some way.

They did it based on “due diligence” according to some reporters.

Geraldo thinks it’s hard to get a warrant for probable cause from a FISA judge but that’s not true. It was very easy to get a warrant on Fox News reporter James Rosen. All they had to do was lie.

Who was the FISA judge? An activist or an actual judge? Did someone lie to get the warrant?


The left and the leftist media are going after President Trump for using imprecise language. Technically, Obama couldn’t order it but he can order an official or suggest to the appropriate official to order it.

There is no evidence of probable cause and due diligence is not probable cause. Lt. Col. Schaeffer explains there was clearly no probable cause and explains why in the next clip.

The former president used highly technical and highly classified capabilities which has resulted in multiple violations of the US18 code.

Someone had to lie to get the warrant. The President had to have knowledge of it and he is responsible.

The leaks to the media were likely by the very officials who were involved in the wiretapping.

Former U.N. ambassador Ric Grenell explains that to wiretap during a contentious election campaign while President Obama was campaigning for Hillary Clinton just for due diligence or to double check is “outrageous”.

We need intelligence agencies that are NOT rooting for one team or another, Mr. Grenell explained.

The leaks to embarrass the President have been constant. We saw a President Obama in his second term become so partisan that he campaigned for Hillary Clinton. It signals that he put his thumb on the scale using all the levers of government, he said.

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