Outrageous: Sympathy Pours Out for Rapist-Murderer Who Buried 19-Year Old Alive


Clayton Lockett was the victim of a botched execution in Oklahoma yesterday. It was an improper mixture of drugs or a line broke or there was a vein failure, whatever the case, he writhed and shook for about 13 minutes. The execution was stopped 20 minutes in and he later died of a heart attack.

Clayton Lockett

The drugs being used in Oklahoma are shielded and that issue has been the subject of lawsuits.

There is an outpouring of sympathy, shock, and horror today for the unrepentant rapist-murderer. How could such a cruel and unusual punishment be used, even accidentally?

Perhaps people should care more about the girl he raped, the people he beat, or the family of the girl he buried alive ?

Stephanie Neiman, buried alive

Stephanie Neiman

The four-times convicted felon began a crime spree – 18 violent crimes to be exact – June 1999. He and two others, one a cousin of his, went to the home of Bobby Bornt to seek repayment of a $20 debt. Stephanie Neiman, 19, another young female friend, Bornt and his nine-month-old son were in the home. The three men beat Bornt with a shotgun.

Neiman was at the home to invite Bornt to a party.

The two women were bound with duct tape. Neiman’s friend was beaten and raped by the men. All the victims including the baby were loaded into a pickup and driven to a rural dirt road.

The plan, according to Lockett, was to kill all of them so police wouldn’t find out that he violated the terms of his probation for prior felony convictions.

The attorney general’s office says Lockett has never shown remorse for killing Nieman and abducting two of her friends and a 9-month-old baby. On the contrary, Lockett has proudly taken credit for his crimes and lamented that “his big mistake was that he should have killed the other … victims as well.”

Neiman said she would tell police and that got her killed.

He forced her to kneel while his co-defendant, Shawn Mathis, spent the next twenty minutes digging her shallow grave. Lockett shot her in the shoulder, pushed her into the grave and shot her again in the chest before ordering Mathis to bury her alive.

“Lockett told police he could hear her pleading, `Oh, God. Please. Please“’ through the duct tape across her mouth, according to an attorney general’s report on the crime. The three laughed about how tough the woman was as the dirt piled up atop her.

They drove the other victims back and set them free.

The other two victims reported the attack to police the next morning. Lockett’s cousin, one of the attackers, led officers to Nieman’s body.

Lockett’s accomplices are serving life terms. In 1999, he was sentenced to death for the first-degree murder of Stephanie Neiman and the 18 other violent crimes he committed that night.

“In my 28 years as a prosecutor, I never met or prosecuted anyone more filled with evil, and who thrived on being evil, than Clayton Lockett, including coming face-to-face with Tim McVeigh,” Mark L. Gibson, the retired district attorney who prosecuted the case, said in a letter to the parole board.

His stepmother acknowledged that he deserved to die and wanted it over.

“Did he deserve it? I think so,” said LaDonna Hollins, his stepmother. “He did. He did, and he’s going to die for it. So, let’s do this thing. Let’s stop putting it off.

The family of Stephanie Neiman wrote this letter:


The execution of the murderer who was scheduled to die two hours later – Charles Warner – was postponed. His crime was to brutally rape, torture, and murder an 11-month old little girl, Adrianna. Shall we feel sorry for him as well? Shall the state continue to feed and clothe him so he can commit whatever crimes he might commit in prison?


Charles Warner

Here are the details of his crimes.

He raped and murdered 11-month-old Adrianna Waller in 1997 in Oklahoma County. He was convicted in 1999. Adrianna was the daughter of Warner’s live-in girlfriend. During the sentencing phase, jurors heard testimony that he had previously sexually and physically abused his ex-wife and a five-year-old girl. Warner’s seven-year-old son testified for the prosecution that he had witnessed his father abuse Adrianna on previous occasions. During the ultimately fatal attack she was sexually molested. She had a six-inch skull fracture, a broken jaw, three broken ribs, bruised lungs and a lacerated liver and spleen.

People who say the death penalty isn’t a deterrent forget one very important fact. These men will never again commit a crime against our fellow man. Consider them deterred.



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