Outstanding Levin Show: Hagel’s Appointment, Obamacare, & More

Barbara Samuells
Barbara Samuells

This is a particularly informative show.

Levin spends the first 54 minutes talking about the abominable Hagel appointment.

At 55:21, Betsy McCaughey comes on and talks about Medicaid and why it is a disaster. She also presents new information about Obamacare and why it will be a disaster – don’t miss it. Betsy is very compelling.

Some of the points she makes:

Obama’s lure pulled in the states to expand Medicaid with a promise that the federal government will pay for the expansion but the federal government will drop payments once it is expanded.

The states have been warned that it will be their destruction. Breaking the promise to pay is actually in the President’s plan. In Florida,, it will expand Medicaid 42%.

Betsy explains what is happening in Obamacare and the politburo set up to destroy Medicare.

Horrifying information on how hospitals are mandated to treat seniors and I do mean horrifying.

The cost of the government paperwork will go from  $28 billion to $69 billion, money that could have been used to care for seniors.

At 70:00, Levin takes questions, beginning with an anesthesiologist.

My friend, Barbara Samuels, co-founder of Super Seniors 912, makes a great statement at about 106:40 after a quick commercial – you can move the slider easily.

I love the gentleman who follows her. His rant is great!

Click Here for the show.

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