Over 144,000 caught coming over the border illegally in May


According to the new monthly report from CBP, the total number of apprehensions and inadmissibles is 144,278, compared to 109, 474 in April. That is a 32% increase in one month.

A total of 680,000 were processed during the first eight months of FY19 and those are the ones who were caught.

The average is over 4200 a DAY! Don’t worry, Democrats say they are all wonderful people and it’s not a crisis.

This is pure insanity. We are watching the destruction of the USA. It’s not possible for these people to assimilate to our culture coming in these massive numbers. Therefore, we won’t have a culture — and it will happen soon.

Many will end up as homeless in LA or NY. Others will take jobs from our children, our poor, the people our politicians pretend to care about.

Need I say that we have no idea who these people are.


Speaking of not knowing who these people are, the Border Patrol Union says the Transportation Security Administration has allowed these anonymous people to fly without ID at El Paso airport. The TSA denied it.

“Late last week, we were told by border patrol agents in Laredo, Texas that they had observed TSA accepting I-862 notice to appear in court documents from illegal aliens who had just been released from border patrol custody, and allowing them to fly,” said Shawn Moran, vice president of the National Border Patrol Council. “A couple of days ago, we found out the same type of situation was occurring in El Paso, Texas at their airport. “We did receive reports that in El Paso, illegal aliens were walked around security, much to the dismay of U.S. citizens who were standing in line waiting to be screened.”

“We heard it directly from border patrol agents who notified the union that this activity was happening.”

Moran said allowing I-862 documents to be used as identification poses a major security risk.

“These documents are easily reproduced on any type of copier or home computer, they have no photographs, so there’s really no way to verify that the person holding them is actually who they say they are,” he said. “We’re just concerned that the commercial transportation system could be exploited by somebody claiming to be another person.”

Democrats want our destruction, so do large corporations.

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