Owner of NY Limo Involved in 20 Deaths Has a Shocking History


The owner of the limo company whose driver barreled through a stop sign killing 20 people has a shocking past. He fled Pakistan in 1994, was an FBI informant, and he was wanted for murder in Pakistan, Daily Mail reports.

The limo owner Shahed Hussain was able to flee Pakistan when his father paid off the police. He came into the country illegally through Mexico to El Paso to Albany. Later, an immigration lawyer helped him gain refugee status.

Hussain, 62, is  the owner of Prestige Limousines, aka Hasy Limos and Saratoga Luxury Limousine, according to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration documents.

In the last two years, the company has had at least four cars pulled out of service because they failed safety inspections.

Hussain is out of the country, has not commented on the crash publicly, and has disabled his company’s website. Police have gotten in touch with him.

In 2002, Hussain was running a dangerous DMV scam helping prospective drivers cheat on their tests. He convinced the FBI to take him on as an informant.

The driver of the vehicle was not properly licensed and Hussain’s vehicles were in general bad shape.

Four sisters and two brothers were killed and two passersby. Including the driver, 20 young couples died.


There was no evidence of skid marks and of brakes being applied but the rain slicked road might have affected that.

They also don’t yet know the speed of the vehicle at the time of the crash.

The most striking feature of this crash is the high number of fatalities. It is the deadliest on U.S. soil since 2009.

The NTSB has the airbag module but there is no information about a black box in the vehicle. There probably wasn’t one.

2 secs before crash killed 20, woman texted limo “is in terrible condition”

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Richard Hart
Richard Hart
4 years ago

If I were family I wouldn’t rest until that limo owner was dead-slowly and by my own hand. Baseball bat across the knees first.

Donald Johnson
Donald Johnson
4 years ago

Could this have been an “Aloha Snackbar” moment?

4 years ago

When I saw a pic of the driver I suspected some kind of middle eastern kind of thing. Call me racist or a bigot but this is exactly how they do things. Lie cheat break rules. Nasty people.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Lord have mercy, when will the public wake up to the dangers they are in in regards to illegal aliens being used by the government and given prominent lucrative positions in society to reward their undercover work.