OxyMORON Alert-47% to Vote for “Well-Qualified Socialist”



With apologies to our founders.

Gallup conducted a poll asking, “If your party nominated a generally well-qualified person who happened to be a_______, would you vote for that person?” If you fill in that blank with Catholic, Woman, Black, Hispanic, or Jew, over 90% of respondents said, “Yes.” That’s good news.

The bad news is 47% OK’d voting for a Socialist! Given the Democrats have one, Bernie Sanders, running to snatch up their presidential nomination, we can assume it was his party’s faithful giving the nearly 50% thumbs up.

As troubling as that may be, what’s more worrisome is a large number of voters really believe   socialists are well qualified to hold office in a market based, representative republic.

Here’s an exercise the 47% might find problematic. Ask them to identify the criteria they’ve used to make this choice, then challenge them to apply those principles to a brief list of historic figures who “cut their teeth” on socialism.

The lineup:

Valdimir Lenin-He encouraged violent insurrection, believed in the overthrow of capitalism, and was head of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic. Lenin’s influence spanned some of the bloodiest years in Russian History.

Joseph Stalin-Followed Lenin and initiated the concept of “Socialism in One Country”. His plans of a command economy and collectivization were so extreme they turned deadly for many millions who died in gulag labor camps, were executed, or succumbed from starvation.

Mao Zedong-In 1949 this Chinese leader felt his victories opened the door to “uninterrupted progress to Socialist revolution by stages.” During one of those “stages” Mao figured 10% “of the peasants (about 50 million) would have to be destroyed” to implement his vision of farming reform. Here’s just a tiny sample of Zedong’s bloody scorecard:

Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries-At least 1 million killed The Great Leap Forward-2.5 murdered or tortured to death Cultural Revolution-1.5 slain

Fidel Castro-He huffed and puffed, “Do you really want to write that this is Socialist revolution? All right, write it.” Cubans have suffered terribly under his reign for over 55 years.

Adolf Hitler-Before this mass murderer of many millions was The Fuhrer, he was head of the National Socialist Party, AKA, National Socialist German Worker’s Party, AKA, Nazi Party….from 1921 until the day he descended into Hell.

Can those 47% be so ignorant of history they’d actually choose candidates supporting a system of government endorsed by the above mentioned “murderer’s row”? How can they possibly match their own lofty, likely utopian precepts to the abhorrent, criminal actions of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, or Hitler?

That Bernie Sanders isn’t another Lenin is not the point. It’s that his descriptor, far from evoking the kind of highly justified concern we’d seen in the recent past, is now too easily accepted.

Sadly, Gallup has shown lots of Americans don’t understand that to remain a free, prosperous, society, we’d be much better off identifying the term “well qualified socialist” as the oxymoron it truly is.

  • People fear what they do not understand. Using the language of alarmism is an excellent way of stoking the basic fallacy that Bernie Sanders is a socialist.
    Anyone who asserts that he is a socialist shows themselves to be ignorant of what is meant by the term as used in the context of your article.
    Likewise, this opinion piece is a deliberately obtuse conversation about socialism, probably by someone who googled some quick quotes from “bad guys” to spice it up.

    But of course, reason is useless against such. As they say, “haters ‘gonna hate”.

    Keep the hate flowing! Author and commentators alike!

    • Bernie has proudly declared himself a socialist for years, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/30/bernie-sanders-socialist_n_7182752.html. Reading more carefully you might have noticed the author was generous enough not to directly compare Sanders to the likes of Lenin.
      Socialism’s history is far from obtuse. The “bad guys”, accurately quoted in the article, were totalitarian executioners who slaughtered and tortured 10 of millions of innocent people.
      But you got one thing right, and those 6 butchers proved it. Haters are gonna hate….and murder too.

  • Believing in the necessity and inevitability of socialism & communism is tested at every obstacle to its implementation. When historical necessity clashes with individual plans & independence, the collectivist always sweeps away the humans. Every new collectivist seeking power swears it will be different, but it can’t be different because the clash is inevitable.

    American communists have been recorded saying that an estimated 35 million Americans will fail to be”reeducated” and will have to be killed.

  • It was Lenin who said, “The goal of Socialism is Communism”. How’d that work out for the hundreds of millions who lost either their freedom, lives….or both?