PA Candidate Scott Wallace Says Police Are Dumber Than Dogs


Democratic congressional candidate Scott Wallace, the millionaire leftist who is running in Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district against Republican representative Brian Fitzpatrick, was captured on tape saying “dogs are smarter than police officers”.

This took place during a conversation with a constituent at a campaign event this past summer, according to audio sent to the Washington Free Beacon.

Rep. Fitzpatrick’s campaign has criticized Wallace as being anti-law enforcement, which Wallace’s campaign has denied. The two have argued over law enforcement in advertisements.


The audio was recorded by a constituent during a meet-and-greet at an office opening in July in Montgomery County, Pa., but was sent to the Free Beacon on Sunday.

The Pennsylvania resident, who wished to remain anonymous, described him/herself as an independent voter. The person is not “thrilled with Trump” and was giving Wallace a chance, but has since decided that they are going to vote for Fitzpatrick after hearing Wallace make the comments.

The conversation at the time centered around gun control and school shootings. Democrats can say it doesn’t mean he’s against law enforcement. It just means he thinks they are dumber than dogs.

Wallace’s campaign asked for a longer recording but the woman did not have any more of the conversation.

Wallace’s campaign later sent the following statement:

“Conveniently, the Washington Free Beacon was unable to provide the full recording – instead relying on twelve seconds of audio from an unidentified time, date and place for their latest smear,” said Zoë Wilson-Meyer, the communications director for Scott Wallace for Congress. “This isn’t the first time Congressman Fitzpatrick’s campaign has engaged in shockingly unethical campaign tactics – this could even be courtesy of the staffer they sent to our events to pose as a reporter. This is yet another smear from Fitzpatrick and the conservative propaganda machine as they try to cling to a seat they are in real danger of losing. Scott has a deep respect for our law enforcement and has support from local and national law enforcement, including Bucks County Sheriff Milt Warrell and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.”

Still, he said what he said. It’s hard to imagine a conversation a candidate for an important political office might have that would explain the ‘joke’.

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