PA School Arms Their Teachers — Sort Of


A Pennsylvania school district will use tax dollars to arm teachers against mass shooters. It’s not what you think, however.

They will arm themselves with mini-bats. Each teacher will get a little bat, along with training on how to use it. It’s the avenue of “last resort” according to Millcreek School District Superintendent William Hall.

I’ll say!

The teachers are expected to stand up against a mass shooter with a 16-inch bat. Many scoffed at some teachers being armed so this Superintendent decided to arm them — but badly.

Hall said the bats are primarily “symbolic” but an option in case a teacher needs to fight back during a school shooting, Erie News Now reported.

Is self-defense to be “symbolic”?

The bats will cost the district about $1,800 to purchase and they will remain locked up in each classroom.

So you have to unlock them too as the shooter makes his way through the school. Who knows what harm could come from a little bat that isn’t under lock and key.

Sadly 70% of the parents love the idea.

Parkland, the site of the latest horrific school shooting voted against arming teachers but they will hire more of those incompetent sheriffs like the one who hid while the shooting went down. Let’s hope the new hires are told to go in when the shooting starts. Hiding isn’t an option.

The Superintendent discusses this bat thing as if it is a serious option.

Erie News Now | WICU & WSEE in Erie, PA

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Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

OK, this is just too easy. They’ve all gone batty.

5 years ago

That’s pathetic. And that so many parents think it’s great. But if they insist, at least give the teachers a real BAT!!!