PA Voting Machines “Miscalibrated”, Switched Saccone Votes to Lamb


Pennsylvania’s 18th district held a special election Tuesday. Democrat Conor Lamb was proclaimed the victor over Republican rival Rick Saccone, although the election isn’t necessarily decided. There are absentee ballots to be counted and Republicans say some voting machines in Alleghany County were “miscalibrated”. The votes in those regions were said to be switched from Saccone to Lamb.

It was the only the only county of four in the district that went for Lamb.

There are many reports of voters who intended to vote for Saccone ending up casting a ballot for Lamb.

There are also allegations that Republican attorneys were kicked out of rooms where absentee ballots were counted.

Only 621 votes separate the two candidates and Republicans won’t be conceding anytime soon. Republicans have demanded that all ballots and voting machines be impounded in preparation for the likely recount.

Democrats and NBC News declared Lamb the winner but this has to be settled first. It will take at least a week to count the absentee ballots.


There are still about 203 absentee ballots and then additional provisional and military ballots left to be counted and Saccone would have to win the majority of them. It is fact that Democrats have absentee ballots sewn up because of their get out the vote efforts.

Jesse Hunt, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, which sunk more than $3 million into helping Saccone across the finish line, said in a brief statement, “We are waiting for provisional ballots to be counted. We are not ruling out a recount.”

There is no automatic recount provision for down-ballot races in Pennsylvania. But a group of voters supporting a candidate are allowed to push for a recount with cause.


  1. 70 years of voter fraud, if you guys dont fix this the democrats will have us under communist rule shooting us.

    • Amen that’s exactly what the dems are working for communist control take our guns and our money. This has to be stopped Praying to my sweet Lord. In the nearing end things will happen and if we are saved we do not have to go through all that.
      Live for the Lord and accept him and do his will.❤️

  2. Voter fraud…the age old tale when a party loses. It can’t possibly be that we have someone at the helm that should be in jail and that Lamb had a better message than Saccone. Come on. Who said there was voter fraud. You cite zero sources. Oh wait I know…Faux News.

  3. This is about why do Dems (Socialists) lie. But stealing an election is still about lying, so…..

    From link:
    “Democrats lie because, with nothing bigger than themselves to believe in — not G-d, not country, not democracy, not art, not truth — truth is defined by whatever it is they say it is. Therefore the leftist believes themselves incapable of lying no matter how many times a Sandy Berger is caught cramming top secret war time documents down the front of his pants, how many forged documents Dan Rather uses, no matter how many children Al Sharpton fakes the rape of, no matter how many hateful slanders come from Ward Churchill and so on. To the Democrat any lie that advances their cause is, by definition, the truth.”

  4. And people still love the convenience of electronic voting and mail in ballots.
    Both ripe for fraud.

  5. attorney’s kicked out? I wouldn’t have left told them kiss my ass , you aint kicking shit out, and would have had my cell phone camera running

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