Pakistani Muslim Qaisir Mahmood Heads Up Swedish National Heritage Board


Qaisar Mahmood, a Pakistani-born Muslim, is the new head of the Swedish National Heritage Board. He knows nothing of Swedish history but doesn’t need to know a thing for what he is going to do it.


He readily admits he has no knowledge whatsoever of Swedish heritage. It doesn’t matter because his job isn’t to preserve or protect Sweden’s cultural heritage. Quite the opposite.

The goal is to downplay Swedish heritage and history and use Sweden’s history to create a narrative out of whole cloth that Muslims are part of Swedish history. It doesn’t matter if it’s true since Muslim migrants must feel “part of something” as they migrate in mass numbers into Sweden.

That is what Joe Stalin did and Mao and others.

It’s already been done by other recorders of Swedish history who thought a Viking burial cloth had Allah woven into it. Stephanie Mulder, an associate professor of Medieval Islamic Art and Archaeology, proved otherwise but by then, it was too late.

The idea of a Muslim Swedish history was born. Mahmood is planning to prove a historical Muslim presence in Sweden, prior to their conversion to Christianity.

That’s a fraud. There is no history of Muslims in Sweden.

One of the foundations of the Islamic idea is that pre-Islamic civilizations, and non-Islamic civilizations, are all jahiliyya — the society of unbelievers, which is worthless. As Frontgpage Magazine reports, this doesn’t do much for the idea of tourism of ancient sites and non-Muslim religious installations such as are found all over Sweden.

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