Pale Mayor Pete Was the Victim of Racial Discrimination, So Vote for Him


Mayor Pete Buttigieg says he’s the victim of racial discrimination. What’s that, you say? You are confused. Yes, we were confused also. He’s white, very white.

He needs to be more of a victim so now he’s claiming he suffered racial discrimination. Between that and his throwing police under the bus, his poll numbers might shoot up.

Pete’s father is a newly-deceased and famous communist professor. It’s widely known but rarely mentioned by anyone in the media. Pete says his white father has brown skin. We kid you not.

Pete repeated what sounded like a 100% fabricated story about his father’s brown skin and accent that allegedly prompted someone to tell his father to ‘go home.’ What a convenient story! So timely!

Here is a file photo of his very white father. If someone did tell him to ‘go home,’ it’s more likely because he was a communist.

Tucker mocked him last night. It wasn’t hard under the circumstances.

The Fox News host called the Democrat race the victimhood Olympics, pointing to the life of privilege Cory Booker lived from birth. His parents were IBM execs. Tucker then moved on to Pete.

“Pete Buttigieg is in a weird position, though,” he said. “Buttigieg wants to be president, so he has to be a victim, but it’s kind of hard to pose as one.”

“He went to Harvard,” Carlson explained. “Child of a college professor. Then he got a Rhodes scholarship. Then he was a consultant for McKinsey. Now he’s Wall Street’s favorite Democratic candidate, at the age of 37. How can he possibly claim to be a victim or oppressed? Easy. Pete Buttigieg is the victim of racism. Huh, you say?”

“Keep in mind Pete Buttigieg’s dad, who seems pretty European [he immigrated to the states from the European nation of Malta], was a professor at Notre Dame — one of the country’s elite colleges,” he continued.

“Yet even he couldn’t escape America’s all-consuming racism.”

Yes, he’s a victim because his white father has brown skin or something. So, vote for him.

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