Palestinian Sisters Crossing Into Israel for Cancer Treatment Carried Explosives


Two Palestinian sisters crossing into Israel from the Gaza Strip so that one could receive cancer treatment brought explosives with them, Times of Israel reported.

Nice payback for cancer treatment.

The explosives, used in the production of homemade bombs, were hidden in tubes carried by the women labeled “medical materials,” the Shin Bet security service said in a statement issued Wednesday evening, hours after the women were stopped at the Erez Crossing.

One potentially required life-saving treatment for her cancer.

The explosives were sent by Hamas to kill Israelis.


The women are being held for questioning.

Defense Ministry Crossings Authority Director Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Kamil Abu Rokon praised the Erez Crossing security inspectors for thwarting the smuggling bid.

“To our regret, it has been proven again that Gaza Strip-based terrorists are continuing their efforts to exploit the humanitarian channel in order to carry out attacks in Israel,” he said in a statement. “The security inspectors acted exactly as expected, with exemplary professionalism.”


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