Panderers at Sports Illustrated go full HIJAB-BURKINI


Sports Illustrated, the Playboy-ish, barely sports mag, decided to promote religious fundamentalism [never fundamentalist Christian or Jewish of course] on their front cover. This could become a collector’s item — their last mag!

“Halima Aden makes history as the first model to wear a hijab and burkini for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit,” the magazine tweeted like the panderers they are. Sports Illustrated has decided to be diverse by promoting fundamentalism.

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Halima Aden is the newest member of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit family, making history as the first Muslim model to wear a hijab and burkini in the magazine,” the linked article begins.

“For her SI Swimsuit rookie spread, we couldn’t think of a more perfect place to travel than her birth country,” the article sputtered.

“I keep thinking [back] to six-year-old me who, in this same country, was in a refugee camp,” she told the sports magazine. “So to grow up to live the American dream [and] to come back to Kenya and shoot for SI in the most beautiful parts of Kenya – I don’t think that’s a story that anybody could make up.”

So, she basically fled a refugee camp and is bringing the hijab and burkini here.

Beauty knows no boundaries, the article states, as they promote the fundamentalist religious garb.

She was the first to wear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. She’s into firsts.

She had to overcome this stiff competition.

Beach Bunnies

This is what a burkini usually looks like when the panderers aren’t putting lipstick on the burkini.

The responses were better than the SI article:



This is what you might normally see in the magazine, though these are tame by SI’s standards.

Christie Brinkley and her daughters posing for SI Swimsuit Issue

  • Great idea. Here is another great idea: BOYCOTT! Just one correction in the article. You referred to it as a “barely sports mag”. I think you meant sports rag.

  • Those who buy Sports Illustrated do so for the same reason men buy Playboy; THE PICTURES! Men like seeing attractive women in bating suits, especially bikinis, and Sports Illustrated has always put their swimsuit edition front and center. I really don’t care because I don’t buy or even look at it but I find it amazing how many successful companies are more than willing to throw their successful business model out and pander to the minorities who don’t even patronize their businesses.

  • How absurd! LOL! All that’s going to happen is that (even MORE folks) will stop reading this asinine magazine! Like the NFL, and ESPN, SI has just gone totally SJW! And that’s why Americans are totally bailing on them!

    I thought SI couldn’t get more bizarre than using morbidly obese “models” in the swimsuit issue! Sheesh! But, like Fonzie…they jumped the shark…AGAIN!

  • In the picture of the women walking on the beach the one on the left is a real slut. Her nude face leaves nothing to the imagination.

  • Shame! Shame! Shame!

    Disgraceful cover because wet fabric ‘clings’ to the female’s body shape. For modesty’s sake, all women should live their life under a black, triple thick tent — and stay out of the water!

  • Sports Illustrated (Disney) has announced it will end the print edition following the September issue this year. Look for a lot of layoffs.

    Perhaps this is the last thumb in the eye for conservatives before the magazine goes exclusively digital. If they charge anything for the online edition, it will mean the end of the magazine altogether.

  • So, in order to not offend members of a religious sect, we’re regressing back to 1895 swimsuit stiles? How about teaching them rape is prohibited instead. That CIVILIZED people don’t see a woman in a bathing suit as a “come and get it ad”; animals that have NEVER had to control their base impulses do!