Pandering NY Pols Forget 911 Terrorist w/ Bogus Driver’s License Hit the North Tower


On June 11th  Jon Stewart got wall to wall media coverage by reminding everyone of the losses suffered on September 11, 2001 and emotionally highlighting the plight of 911 first responders who now suffer from debilitating, life-threatening illnesses, related to their heroic work at Ground Zero.  

He passionately scolded a congressional committee and their missing colleagues.  Stewart accused them of forgetting about all brave men and women who died and continue to die as a result of that horrific attack. 

One week later, far left pols in New York State, along with a now unrestrained Governor, Andrew Cuomo passed legislation allowing illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses.  In so doing these panderers stuck a finger in the eye of every New Yorker; with special emphasis on both the people murdered when the Twin Towers were destroyed, and those lost due to the toxic clean up. 

What’s the linkage between The Empire State passing a law allowing illegal aliens to get a NYS license to drive, and the slaughter of over 2,600 innocents in the World Trade Center?  One of the reasons the 21 Islamic terrorists were able to hit 3 of 4 targets was they were awash in phony state ID’s.  

Among some 30 state issued documents were:

  • 18 driver’s licenses/ID’s issued from Florida’s DMV, 5 of which were duplicates.
  • Two driver’s licenses were issued in California
  • The pilot that hit the Pentagon had 4 state-issued ID’s including 1 each from Arizona and Maryland.  He was the only hijacker who took the Virginia drivers which he failed.
  • Eight ID’s were issued from the Virginia DMV, all just one month before the attack.

The latter mentioned should hold a special relevance for New Yorkers.  On August 2, 2001 a team of two Salvadoran immigrants, one of whom was here illegally, provided false residency certificates to hijackers Ahmed al Ghamdi and Abdul Aziz Omari.  As a result, Omari who’d snuck in the U.S. using a doctored passport, was issued a VA driver’s license.  

The historic significance for all New Yorkers, but particularly for those whose lives were grievously changed on September 11th , is Abdul Aziz Omari, aided by his bogus license, was part of the murderous crew that hijacked Flight 11 and crashed it into the World Trade Center’s, North Tower.  

The joke of a Virginia law facilitating that kind of scam was changed  just weeks after 911. Authorities claimed the reform, “….had been planned before the attacks, because state officials found that the system had long been abused in cases of immigration fraud.”

Meanwhile pandering NYS politicians, kneeling to special interest groups, and woefully ignorant of either history or irony, gave themselves a standing ovation for passing the same kind of porous, pliable legislation that Omari easily misused on his way to butchering over 1,000 men and women in lower Manhattan.    

If Stewart was angry at members of Congress for not remembering the consequences of 911, New Yorkers should be furious at their Albany lawmakers for forgetting how big a role the use of illegal driver’s licenses played in the destruction of their property and lives; all of which started with Abdul Aziz Omari’s plane hitting the North Tower.  


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