Papa and Mama Gov Will Teach Your Tot


If you like unfunded mandates and unlimited government control over your life, you will love the idea of grant money being given to States so they can provide high quality educational care for ‘infants’ in low income areas to comply with the Strong Start requirements.

The Office of Early Learning is awarding the grants to States for the education of children ages 0 to 3. The ‘Office of Early Learning’ – is that Orwellian or what?

The grants are allegedly being given out to improve early learning for young children.

I’ll say they’re young, since they start with age 0. Maybe we could find a way for the government to give birth too.

The grant money comes from Race to the Top funds. It’s stimulus money for one of Barack Obama’s shovel ready redistribution projects. This reminds me of a Marx Brothers skit. Chico was gambling away a lot of money and when asked how much he lost gambling, he said, ‘Ask Harpo. As much money as he has, that’s how much money I’ve lost.’ Mr. Obama is Chico and we’re all Harpo.

The money will go to States that ‘lead the way with ambitious but achievable plans to implement coherent, compelling, and comprehensive early learning education reform.’

What that means is taxpayers are basically paying for expensive daycare programs with the government serving as the middle man. No room for waste and fraud there!

Here’s what States  have to do:

(1) increase the number and percentage of low-income and disadvantaged children in each age group of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who are enrolled in high-quality early learning programs;
(2) design and implement an integrated system of high-quality early learning programs and services; and
(3) ensure that any use of assessments conforms with the recommendations of the National Research Council’s reports on early childhood.

The brains behind these initiatives believe that the government can set goals, track progress, assess progress of children age 0 to 5. It’s the social engineering approach to child rearing.

This really is the Life of Julia being realized. I thought the left wing was joking about Julia, but apparently they are serious.

Julia age 3 months

We are talking big tax dollars here. Check out the Learning Challenge link. Once the money runs out, however, the States will be responsible for continuing the programs and they will have the federal government in their face.

Who knows what the government will come up with next after they finish mapping neighborhoods to redistribute assets.

hat tip  Chris D