Parameters of Iranian Nuke Deal – A Complete Surrender…video


Iran is pleased with the framework of the nuclear deal reached Thursday. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said this is only a framework and there is nothing definite yet.

The U.S. is giving up all leverage – all sanctions – for vague promises of a temporary reduction in Iran’s nuke program.

The IAEA will be the monitors and they will be allowed access to prior nuclear documents. [The IAEA hasn’t been able to get any information from Iran.]

A total release of sanctions by the EU. The U.S. will cease application of their sanctions as soon as the EU verifies the deal has been met.

No Iranian nuclear facilities will be closed.

Natanz will be Iran’s only enrichment facility.

Fodor will be used for R&D.

At Arak – the location of the heavy water Plutonium facility – an international team will modernize it to prevent nuclear materials.

What is not known: levels of enrichment, stockpile of enrichment,  details of lifting of sanctions, the PMD (military dimension from a decade ago), any details really.

Iran will reduce centrifuges to 6100 from almost 20,000. The number installed in 2009 was 6100. 2009 is when Obama took office. That number of centrifuges will be insufficient to meet the U.S. goal of a one-year breakout. It will take less time to build a bomb.

There is a fifteen year sunset clause, after which, Iran won’t need to make a mad dash to the bomb, they will be able to legitimately walk to development of nuclear weapons.

They are not dismantling their nuclear program, they’re temporarily unplugging.

The benefits are – if these parameters work out, the U.S. will know there is only one nuclear facility at Natanz. There would be IAEA inspections.

Iran is going to unplug their nuclear program, if they even do that, but they won’t dismantle it.

Material from Arak will be sent to Russia.

These deals tend to simply move the goalposts. Iran will have more money now to sponsor terrorism.

Getting sanctions back would be difficult if not impossible.

Iran is expanding throughout the world and we are helping them do it by improving their finances. The U.S. administration thinks Iran is a positive force in the region.

Iran is now the dominant force in the region and has been given legitimacy by the Obama administration. Iran will not stop their terrorism program or their missile program.

Barack Obama once called Iran a “tiny country”, referring to its insignificance. He now calls it a large, sophisticated country.

This deal was supposed to stop Iran’s development of nuclear weapons and prevent an arms race. The deal does neither.

We will have nuclear weapons in the most dangerous region of the world.

The president is currently claiming this deal will keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon which is a bald-faced lie. He lied and said Iran met all its obligations under the interim deal. President Obama warned Congress to not disagree – they’d be turning it into a political football.

The good thing is Barack Obama will run it by Congress.

The State Department has released a “fact sheet”.

FARS News, an Iranian news agency, reported this after the announcement:

Zarif said all sanctions against Iran will be lifted.

All UN Security Council sanctions resolution against Iran will be annulled as they did not help the settlement of the nuclear standoff between Iran and the six world powers.

“The EU will terminate imposition of its nuclear-related economic and financial sanctions and the United States will also stop implementation of its nuclear-related financial and economic sanctions simultaneous with the implementation of Iran’s major nuclear undertakings in a way that they are verified by the IAEA,” Zarif said.

The same news agency reported that journalist and mouthpiece of Mullahs, Hossein Shariatmadari, said that all sanctions must be removed. This framework established today will move the goal posts to that end.

“I believe that attaining the (final) agreement is impossible,” Shariatmadari, a veteran politician and editor-in-chief of Principlist Keyhan daily, told FNA on Thursday.

Asked about his assessment of a possible agreement between Tehran and the world powers, he said, “The most vital principle of an acceptable agreement for Iran is the removal of all sanctions, while the other part is adamant to the adoption of such a move.”


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