Parents of Baby Charlie Gard Were Back in Court Today Pleading for a Chance


The big question in this case is why does the government have more power than a parent in a life and death case? Where do you come down?

The parents of Charlie Gard are in court again today, requesting they be allowed to give experimental medicine to their dying 11 month old child.

The parents say the medicine has no known side effects.

American doctors said in January they would bring the treatment to London. The parents have raised enough money to pay for it.

Some doctors say baby Charlie is suffering and in pain, however, the parents are with him every day. They say he is not suffering and would never do this if they thought he was in pain. As long as Charlie is fighting, they’re fighting, his mother said.

Two Republicans in the U.S. Congress are putting a bill in today to make Charlie a legal U.S. resident. That would give the parents the right to decide the future of their child.

These aren’t parents who are abusing their child. They value life above all, but the U.K. government had decided that the government, not the parents, have the right to decide whether baby Charlie lives or dies.

The EU has said they will not contest the decision the U.K. government makes after today’s court case.

If the government had allowed Charlie the treatment in January before he deteriorated, he would have had a much better chance. However, this is socialized medicine. Big government gets in the way of rights.

The father of terminally ill baby interrupted the U.K.’s High Court of Justice today with an outburst directed at a lawyer representing the hospital that’s treating his son.

“When are you going to start telling the truth?” Chris Gard yelled at the attorney.

The hospital says the parents are not reporting accurately on the extent of the baby’s deleterious condition.

Judge Nicholas Francis gave the couple until Wednesday afternoon to present new evidence demonstrating that their child should receive the experimental treatment that the couple says could potentially improve his condition.

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