Parents Sue Millennial Good-for-Nothing Son to Get Him Out of the House


A couple in upstate New York repeatedly tried to evict their unemployed 30-year-old son from their home, but he wouldn’t leave so they sued him, the New York Post reported.

Mark and Christina Rotondo of Camillus sent multiple notices to their son, Michael Rotondo, demanding that he leave their home.

He wouldn’t go.

The parents had to go to court to get rid of him and the judge agreed that they could boot him out.

The son plans to appeal the ruling.

Michael moved in with his parents eight years ago. He has a young son but he lost custody of him.

The parents have tried sending eviction noticed since February but he just ignores him.

They ordered him out. Then they offered him money to get rid of him.

He took the money but didn’t leave.

“There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you. Get one — you have to work!” the Rotondos wrote in one of their many letters.

They sent several eviction letters.

“You have heretofore been our guest and there is no lease or agreement that gives you any right to stay here without our consent,” the letter said.

The couple even offered to fix their son’s broken car to get him out.

He is still in the house.

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