Paris Agreement Was Designed to Have a Devastating Impact on the U.S. Economy



The Paris Treaty was meant to turn the U.S. economy into a globally-governed Socialist economy for climate justice’s sake. It was primarily the U.S. that was responsible for developing poor countries throughout the world and it’s not surprising that 195 countries signed on to it.

The draft of the treaty states: “Developed countries shall provide developing countries with long-term, scaled-up, predictable, new and additional finance, technology and capability-building.”

It was a welfare bonanza for banana republics and polluting countries.

The goal of it is to establish a low greenhouse gas emission economy, in other words, a global socialist economy without fossil fuels.

The U.S. was supposed to pay polluters

Under the Paris climate change treaty, China was able to pollute until 2030 and who knows what they would do in 2030 when the people who made the deal are no longer in charge. India and other nations also got to pollute until they become rich. The United States, however, had to immediately follow stringent requirements in every area of the country by 2020. It would be our economy that would go in the tank.

Countries like the U.S. were to be compelled to immediately consider sustainable development in all “policies and measures” and “in all economic sectors.” Under this treaty, globalists could easily control every aspect of our lives.

Shaming and tribunals

The treaty is non-binding and voluntary. No nation has to abide by it but the U.S. would be expected to adhere to it.

The way they plan to control member nations is through a reporting requirement to be updated every five years by each signatory. The purpose of the report is to give the central global government the ability to shame nations every five years.

Then there are the tribunals.

The U.S. would be subject to judgement from an Orwellian International Tribunal for Climate Justice. Its responsibilities are not yet clear but there is a draft online. The plan was a curse to corporations. American companies could end up being dragged into these courts for socialist enviro-justice and redistribution. It wouldn’t only be corporations, the U.S. taxpayer would also be on the hook.

It gets better. A climate desertification committee also has a type of tribunal as does the carbon pricing panel who would set the global taxes.

Reparations and the green climate scam

There were also clauses for reparations that rich countries would be made to pay to the poorer countries.

The Green Climate fund is another scam. It initially required a transfer of $100 billion a year from “rich” countries. That number would be increased – a lot. The U.S. would pay “poor” countries to pollute. The top polluters would pay nothing. The corrupt, anti-American U.N. would handle the money.

The U.N. controls our money and congress had nothing to say

Obama already weaponized the EPA to destroy the fossil fuel industry and had already begun to send our money to the U.N. to line the pockets of terrorist dictators in Banana Republics. Obama took $1 billion from our terrorism fund and sent it to the U.N. No other nation paid a thing.

There is no mechanism to account for how the funds would be used and the U.S. would have no control over the dispersal of the funds.

The Congress would not be able to stop the funding of these programs because of ingenious and corrupt recommendations.

One of the recommendations requires the government to integrate climate resilience planning criteria in all federal programs, such as those that provide transportation funding, “to ensure these projects will last as long as intended.”

The purpose is to redirect all funds to the climate change agenda so Congress would not have control of the funds going out. The agenda was to be insidiously and permanently interwoven throughout every executive agency.

In summary, Obama violated the Constitution but trust him

Obama promised the global governance would be transparent though his own government was anything but.

Secretary of State John Kerry rushed ahead with the Paris climate change treaty as the clock ticked down to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Despite it being a treaty, Obama and the U.N. conspired to rebuild it on a prior treaty – Kyoto. This way, Obama was able to plot with the U.N. and call the Paris treaty an accord.

The treaty was illegal because it was not ratified by the Senate.

The globalist disaster was secretly negotiated without Congress and it would have devastated the U.S. economy. The end result would have meant a lessening of the global atmospheric temperature by .17 degrees by 2100, not enough to matter, but that was never the major goal.

The treaty was planned, deliberate and designed to destroy the U.S. economy to level the playing field. That’s what Socialists do.

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