Paris Climate Treaty Countries Will Keep Polluting Unless They’re Paid Off


Anyone who thinks the Paris Climate Treaty is about the climate might want to look at the latest threats from all the polluting countries.

The world sees the United States as too wealthy and too greedy and they all decided, with the help of Barack Obama, that the only solution was to redistribute our wealth to them. Since President Trump pulled us out, they are all threatening to keep polluting if we don’t send them billions.

In a recent report, “Developing nations in Paris climate accord threaten to keep polluting unless they’re paid”,  the Washington Times exposed the scam.

The following comes from the Times.

North Korea says its pollution will double unless he is paid off. Peru will cut emissions by 2030 for a net pollution increase of 22% and a billion dollar payoff.  Yemen is going to cut greenhouse gas emissions by an unmeasurable 1%. Given the disastrous Yemeni war and the terrorism, that is the least of their worries, isn’t it?

Think about this, we were going to give billions to terrorists in North Korea and Yemen who want to kill us. Do we really think they’ll spend it on cutting emissions?

India, Iran, South Sudan, Niger, the Central African Republic, Cuba, Egypt, Paraguay and others offered up similar deals, the Washington Times wrote.

It was a great deal for the world, bad for us.

The treaty was always about redistributing wealth, not about climate. There is nothing preventing the rest of the world from implementing the deal except they want our money.

The claim is that 193 countries signed up and the U.S. is just like Syria and Nicaragua, refusing to save the world. The 193 number is only technically true.

Chris Horner, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and a leading critic of the Paris pact said, “There’s a stark difference between agreeing to sign on to Paris and agreeing to do something, to undertake pain. In essence, they rented their signature for the promise of Paris-related wealth transfers. But for them to promise to do anything beyond take our money and impose the agenda, too, would really cost us.,” according to the Times.

The fact is not all have signed yet, like Russia for example, and China won’t do a thing until 2030 when no one who agreed to this is around to object if they don’t.

Even if we send them billions, they’d still pollute, perhaps not as much, but if history is any indicator, none of them will do a thing as they did nothing under Kyoto.

The fact is the Paris agreement is a Socialist scam.

Check out this hysterical weather report. In 2008, they predicted New York City would be underwater by 2015. TeeHee.

Al gore thinks Trump was reckless but he’s always wrong, like in his predictions.

Check out all the wrong predictions.

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