Parkland High Student Calls Out Teacher Who He Says Left 75% of His Students to Die

Josh Gallagher and his father.

A junior at Stoneman Douglas High School, Josh Gallagher, accused his teacher of locking him and 75% of his students out in a hallway as the gunman rampaged through the school. He called the teacher a “coward”.

Mr. Gallagher posted a scathing rebuke of his teacher Jim Gard of Pompano Beach on Twitter. He says Gard locked the door of the classroom, ignoring the screams of at least a dozen of his students.

The students had already left class when the shooting began and doubled back only to find Gard had the door locked and didn’t respond to their screams. After about four minutes, and while the shooting was going on, another teacher opened the door and let them into the room.

Gallagher added that while the shooting was going on, Gard called a news station.

Gallagher said that he found out Gard ran into the classroom and never looked back. Gard, he says, has been portrayed as a hero and he’s no hero. He wrote on Twitter, “I present the truth about a teacher Mr. Gard (Jim Gard) who calls himself a hero, and how the media portrayed him as hero when in reality he is the opposite.”

Gard Responds
Jim Gard

Gard denies it and was shocked, he says, when Gallagher and his father, a Coral Springs police officer, laced into him after the shooting. He said he was following the rules.

The teacher told the Sun Sentinel he didn’t see anyone in the hall and was following protocol.

“I looked back down the hall and no one was around — no one,” said Gard. “You have to close the door. That’s protocol. We have no choice.”

Another student Connor Dietrich tweeted the same story as Gallagher without mentioning the teacher’s name. He appears to have deleted the tweet. Connor is an activist against the right and the NRA. After he posted it, students said he shouldn’t have because it gives people “like Mark Dice” fodder.

Josh Gallagher’s tweet



    • None, but if you feel your teacher left you to die, you might be frustrated when that same teacher tells the media he’s a hero.

  1. What isn’t discussed about Parkland and the FBI failure is their PACU (Public Access Communication Unit) and the changes made. PACU was set up around 2007 in coordination with the National Threat Center, which received all threats vetting violence and terrorism. It was part of the Guardian Unit which includes online applications. Within PACU there were public lines along with police lines and integrated across the world and housed in a SCIF building.

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    This program gives insight into the operation.

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