Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv Lays Down a Challenge to Classmate Hogg


Left-wing media and the many far-left organizations have been promoting David Hogg as the figurehead of the anti-gun youth movement. Kyle Kashuv who is promoting ideas other than anti-gun measures that would have immediate results is largely ignored.

Most media and the so-called March for Our Lives rallies are ignoring any victims who don’t parrot the anti-gun line, promoting the Democrat Party. The rallies have been Get Out the Vote efforts with little concern for the actual victims. Little is mentioned about ways to harden the schools to mass shooters.

These voter registration drives in the name of the Stoneman victims never mention the failures of the FBI, the cowardly Sheriffs, the incompetent school officials, and the failings of the social service system.

Young Hogg spouts talking points and it would be interesting to see how he fares against the free-thinking Kyle Kashuv. We might get to see that.

The Challenge

Kyle Kashuv has challenged Hogg to a debate on Twitter. He has directly messaged him with no response — at least not yet.

Hogg’s ally, Kasky said a debate will be set up in the future but he mocked the idea of doing it on Fox News.

Ironically, Kasky was on Fox News Sunday morning.

Kyle Kashuv isn’t backed by wingnuts. He’s grassroots.

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5 years ago

Of course avoid a rigged debate with a stacked audience.

Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

This young man is good. Genuine. Common sense is school safety first!
If he winds up on CNN better make sure Hogg doesn’t have an ear bud. Would be the only chance that talking point robot could have. MSNBC the same.

5 years ago

My money is on Kyle Kashuv.