Parkland Student Says Blame the “Cowards”, Hold Government Accountable


The Anti-Trump, Anti-Republican March

A little background first. There were 200,000 participants Saturday, not 800,000, protesting in the March for Our Lives. The media gave it more attention than they did the Women’s March, although there were 400,000 fewer attendees. Ironically, only 10% of the participants were under 18 years of age. So, why the attention? Is it really about saving the children from mass shooters?

It is not for many who are using the kids or the notion of kids. This was a Get Out the Vote movement for the Democrat Party. The rallies are to hurt President Trump, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, and the entire Republican Party.

If it weren’t, they would follow the suggestions of student Kyle Kashuv who has talked of the failures that led to this massacre and how it could be stopped in the future.

The March for Our Lives “kids” carried around signs that said $1.05. What that stands for are the receipts by the NRA to Rubio, averaged by the number of students in Florida. In other words, they are idiotically saying that Rubio’s beliefs are based on a $5,000 donation and he is being paid $1.05 per student life for gun rights.

Senator Rubio put himself out there at a Townhall and was abused for it.

Signs carried by the students were largely demanding people get out and vote for Democrats.

David Hogg has been the most ubiquitous of the “kids”. He knows nothing about the NRA, our guns, our Second amendment but he can demagogue with the best of them. We are being told he cannot be criticized because he is a kid and a victim. That is not the case. If he is out there, he must be held accountable for his words and actions.

This young man has lied about even being at the school during the shooting. His entire mantra is to defeat Republicans and the President’s agenda. Ben Shapiro explains why virtue-signaling Hogg is a liar in this clip. It is the liar who is being held up by the media and one party, not the truth seeker.

Kyle Kashuv, a 16-year old warrior from Parkland, is speaking out about who and what are to blame for the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High. 

“Gun control won’t solve this issue. We’ve seen that we have to hold our government accountable,” Kyle has said.

Kyle Kashuv not only speaks up for our rights, but he speaks to the real cause of the Parkland mass shooting and what will really make a difference. He asks that we not blame the innocent, but blame the “cowards” of Broward County and the failures of government.

Mr. Kashuv talks about the failure of the “cowards”, the FBI, the sheriffs, social service, and says he did not see one sign protesting them during the March for Our Lives. He wants to hold the government accountable and he finds it “ironic” that after all the government failures, “they want to trust the government even more.”

He also suggests solutions in this clip. For one, he says we need to enforce the laws we have.


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5 years ago

To take no action during the shootings was an incredible act of cowardice (and corruption). I have heard nothing from the Florida AG after she stated there would be an investigation. I suspect the governor stopped it.