Parkland Victim’s Father Calls Out Dad Who Setup Kavanaugh Using Dead Children


Fred Guttenberg lost his 14-year old daughter in Parkland.

Parkland father Andrew Pollack called out the disingenuous dad who weaponized his daughter’s death yesterday to engage in his ongoing campaign to eliminate guns.

Yesterday we reported that a Parkland victim’s father Fred Guttenberg, who lost his 14-year old daughter Jaime, appeared to be part of a setup to embarrass Judge Kavanaugh.

His daughter was killed by Nikolas Cruz. While only Cruz is guilty of the crimes, the FBI, the school, the sheriff’s office, and the social services were negligent in their handling of this very disturbed teen who also obtained his guns illegally.

The people totally innocent in this are the NRA but they are the ones the leftists and some Parkland victims’ families are blaming. One of those is Mr. Guttenberg, who undoubtedly hated guns before this tragic event.


Prior to attending the hearing yesterday, he tweeted, “I will be at Kavanaugh hearings and I hope to play a role in ensuring that this man does not become the next Supreme Court Justice.”

He was invited to attend the hearings by gun grabbing Senator Dianne Feinstein. Surely she knew how outspoken he is and so did the media. That is why he was there.

The media and Democrats falsely claimed that the judge refused to shake Mr. Guttenberg’s hand when it was clear the judge was startled and was quickly rushed away from the man by security.

Mr. Guttenberg is continuing the absurd story Wednesday.


Another Parkland victim’s father, Andrew Pollack, father of the late Willow Pollack, 18 years at the time of her death, called him out as did his son, Hunter Pollack.

Mr. Pollack tweeted in response, “Certain politicians like @SenFeinstein and the media never miss out on a chance to use the deaths of the innocent victims of the Parkland school shooting. Truly pathetic and disgraceful. What is wrong with these people? #FixIt“.

He added, “Judge Kavanaugh was not responsible for the Parkland school shooting that killed my daughter. @RobertwRuncie, FBI, and Sheriff Israel are. Judge Kavanaugh is a decent man and should be confirmed. Stop weaponizing Parkland to advance a dangerous political agenda!”

Mr. Guttenberg responded back, saying in a tweet, “To be clear, Senator Feinstein did nothing more than invite me. My decision to attempt to introduce myself to Judge Kavanaugh had nothing to do with her. Not sure of your implication but it is not correct.”

That’s disingenuous. He knew what his role was to be.

Willow’s brother Hunter then jumped in, tweeting, “It’s very clear what your intention was with this tweet. Once again #Parkland is trending with something not relevant to our families loses.”

There was some more back-and-forth between Fred Guttenberg and Hunter Pollack.

No one should have to suffer the loss of a 14-year old daughter or an 18-year old daughter. However, Mr. Guttenberg is very political. He’s not angry with the killer, the FBI, the social service department, the sheriff’s, or the school, but he is angry with innocent people.

Mr. Guttenberg claimed on CNN last night that the judge knew who he was and he – Guttenberg – claims he said an awful lot to Kavanaugh prior to holding out his hand. He was trying to make the point that Kavanaugh knew who he was. It just isn’t possible Guttenberg said all that based on videos of the moment.

Glen Beck weighed in with a succinctly-stated truth.

The entire set of hearings are well-orchestrated setups so why should we believe Mr. Guttenberg? Chuck Schumer orchestrated the near-riots according to NBC News and the protesters were getting paid in cash.

Again, why should we believe Democrats didn’t have something like this in mind?

So far, even Jake Tapper admits Democrats haven’t laid a glove on Judge Kavanaugh.


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